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Stoned on Highmayne [Lyonar Golems]


Stoned on Highmayne

Hey err’body, I’ve managed to get my Bachelor’s degree and have been celebrating with a bit of Duelyst for a little while. I’ve been sauntering over to Gold with some fun decks, and I’ve been playing a bit more with one of my old standbys that I’ve updated for a little show-and-tell for your enjoyment. It’s been doing fine so far but Silver’s not exactly a litmus test for quality (at least not consistently) but I’m a sucker for tribal decks so I thought I’d share it anyway. Here you go:


As you can tell, this deck is pretty simple. You fight for tempo. If you get it and keep it, you win! The Lyonar Golem strategy revolves around amplifying established minions to generate large amounts of damage from cheap but well-statted bodies. The way you win is by keeping one or two bodies alive until your next turn so you can buff them up and do a lot of damage.


The Golem Package (Celebrant, Metallurgist and Warblade) lets you hit the board very hard and very fast. P1T1 likes a Celebrant or Metallurgist open into two more minions on P1T2. P2T1 likes Metallurgist on Manaspring + Metallurgist + Warblade (with option to drop an Alchemist on another spring) or Celebrant (walk onto mana) + Metallurgist on Spring + Warblade for overwhelming tempo on T1.

Alchemist, Judgement, Sentinel and Immolation are partly control tools, but also most of your amplifiers. You can use Judgement or Sentinel to finish off a low-Health enemy minion (without triggering on-damage effects!) or pump up one of your own for that bit of extra face damage. Alchemist is great for Artifacts and Eggs, but is also a great Manaspring denier that prevents your opponent from ramping. P2T1 Alchemist into Sentinel will destroy most of your opponent’s opening minions, no sweat. Later in the game you can smash EMP to recover from a stall or to break Provoke locks that prevented you from closing (and doubles as Artifact-hate).

Lifestream and Oath are your reload tools. Oath is obviously great, but I also like Lifestream because it’s a great trading tool but also allows you to selectively refill your hand in a useful way. For one, you tend to go down to three cards or less very quickly, and extending your resources until you have the mana spare to cast an Oath is valuable. But, for two, it’s also great for making your opponent believe you’re going to do one thing, and then doing another. I find this is especially great with Sentinel.

That brings us to the remaining amplifiers (buffs). Argeon’s Roar BBS and Sol Pontiff round out our suite of attack buffs which all work wonders on low-Attack Golems like Celebrants and Warblades (which don’t buff themselves). Most opponents don’t worry about those utility bodies right away, but they realise their mistake when they suddenly turn into beaters on a dime.

I haven’t mentioned Boulder Breacher and Vanquisher yet. The Breacher is an insane swing card whenever it goes off; not only maintaning your own board and Health, but netting you a respectable 5/5 body to boot. Punching into a Claws-out Vaath has never felt good, until now. Finally, Vanquisher is something of a tech card that prevents the opponent from playing out their turn the way they want. Songhai players hate getting stuck in particular, but nobody likes it. It does have slighly weak 2/4 stats though and I haven’t yet experimented with Ghoulie in its place yet.

Notable Exclusions

I ended up excluding all the vanilla Golems because immediate impact is more important than raw stats. I kept Brightmoss Golem the longest, but I noticed I kept replacing it for the Breacher so I cut it. Divine Bond is a natural fit for a deck like this, but the Health of my minions isn’t high enough to really capitalize on it and I have Judgement and Sentinel to effectively do the same job already. Fealty was another consideration but I too frequently start turns with only 2 minions and you need at least three to push it over Oath. Lightbender might be cool for earlier Dispel tech but I haven’t found I miss it thusfar. My Golems are better at destroying things than disabling them anyway.

Pro tip: Prioritize keeping your cheap Golems alive over doing chip damage early on. It’s not worth losing a Bond-enabler for only 2-4 damage when you could be saving it for amplified damage a turn later! You will find yourself regularly holding an attack or two in the first two turns of your matches so your 2/3 doesn’t become a punchable 2/1 (exceptions apply, of course).

And that’s it! How are you doing nowadays?



Heya! Congrats, and good to have you back :+1:

I do also like tribal decks, so I’m putting yours in my “to try” list. I mean I bookmarked it.

I’m not sold on Lifestream and also a bit sceptic about Vanquisher, but I guess I should check it first and criticize second :slight_smile:


Thanks! Nice to see you too :slight_smile:.

Don’t go around crafting Vanquishers specifically for this, I think the ranking for cards that would end up on the chopping block first goes as follows:

  • The third EMP
  • Vanguishers
  • Lifesteals

I like consistent draws in tempo decks though, and I can’t think of other 2- or 3-ofs that make as much sense as the cards I have right now. Except maybe Ghoulie.


Don’t worry, I have almost every Arcanyst, Mech and Golem. I’ve already said, I love tribal decks :slight_smile:

I’m actually thinking of Auroara. Not a golem, but you have lots of low attack minions to make it huge.


That’s… actually not a bad idea. I have Auroras for my Brome Zoo deck already. And now that it triggers from Pontiff it can indeed get very big very quickly…

I suddenly feel very compelled to try this, thanks!


what are your thoughts on playing brome over argeon? with the warblade buff the crestfallen are really solid imo, not sure if that is better than the extra trading from argeon


I like Brome–and that combo–alot but I don’t think it’s consistent enough without Surgeforger and Congregation. This deck really suffers if you need to punch into enemy threats more than once and Roar really pulls that off.


dont have the spirit for vanquisher, i may switch him with ghoulie or silverguard the list looks solid tho


Trying your deck I realised that either I can’t play tempo Lyonar (which I never played before, btw) or that one can’t preserve board in current meta.

I tend to think the real reason is my inexperience with this style of playing. Finding the balance between greed and full-on-going-face is hard.


It’s a razor’s edge, to be sure. Just barely cheated out a win against Wall Kara by punching a bomb with a Sentinel so I could put an Alchemist in its place to finish Kara off with an Immolation. Maybe it just doesn’t work in Diamond(?) and up. You definitely can’t afford to sit around and wait in this game so it’s exactly that balance that’s tricky.

Auroara has been very promising though, Vaath conceded when I hit him for 9 with one on the turn I delevoped another as a 5/5.


I’m in mid Gold currently, so there’s no excuse for me :tired_face:


I know Peacekeeper is bad, but would it at least be worth trying? I suppose it won’t be downright awful with all the Golem synergies. I usually pull it from Strategos and that usually wins games.


From my point of view it’s vastly inferior to EMP. It’s a threat, sure, but EMP is both a threat and an answer.


Right, I guess. Peacekeeper is a game sealer when you already have momentum, but EMP is the epitome of come back cards, therefore an intrinsically better breed.

That being said: This is a game, not a life or death situation. Peacekeeper is worth trying. Enjoy the ride!


If I reach Gold I’ll see how I do, don’t beat yourself up! Unless it’s a Destiny deck Lyonar doesn’t seem to do well regardless of what you do. Maybe that’s changed, I guess I’ll find out when I rank up higher.

For the purposes of winning as many games as possible I’d advise against it for the reasons already stated. EMP can still singlehandedly turn the tide against Wraithling, Obelysk, Wall and Titan decks and just does so much at once. I really want to love Peacekeeper but I just don’t see it. It doesn’t even do much more damage (without a buff) and costs more than the EMP. The Excelsious problem, all over again.


Btw, what did you switch to Auroara, @thematsjo? Vanquisher?


Yeah, I switched just the Vanquishers; I’m still liking Lifestream a lot right now. Auroara’s a great fit!

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