Still hating on me for removing rush from tiger


For all those who still hate on me for wanting tiger rush be removed from the game we shall see how you all feel as magmar rises and has gone more face than ever before.

Magmar vaath cancer

turn 1 2 mana rancour or flameblood warlock 3 damage

turn 2 3 mana tiger or flash elucidator + potential bbs 3 to 5 damage

turn 3 4 mana entropic gaze to face or tectonic spikes or elucidator 4 to 5 damage

turn 4 lethal turn where anything goes if manage to grab mana tile based on so much pressure its lethal with saberspine tiger thumping wave

not to mention these are scenerios where u expect to remove the threats if unanswered u take double damage from elucidator, flamebloodwarlock and racour

… all i can say vaath is now cancer unless something is done sooner rather than later as persons are already sick of the tigers

ye ye i know u can counter it with healing -- i just want diversity in the meta and been calling for tiger long ever since i saw him in january. this is not a rant just raising awareness i dont mind beating vaath with my kaleos zendo deck ^^


that’s like, exactly what it is tho. You’re ranting that you dislike this deck archetype, and then say you want diversity in the meta.

Rush is nowhere near as bad as it used to be, mainly referring to Kara, plus this new super aggro style of magmar isn’t that hard to counter unless you let them snowball.

Classic kevin2hard cockiness in that final sentence


never saw saberspine tiger as healthly from january thats waay before bbs was created


That’s not what I was talking about, I was talking about when it was at it’s worst, which was while Kara was dominant. Currently I wouldn’t say it’s that bad honestly, you get screwed by it sometimes but that’s the nature of card games.


its true tho yesterday yall saw my losing streak with lyonar now i just laugh while i rek them with kaleos


i’m just raising awareness before community start to hate magmar like how they hated kron


The expansion literally just came out today, give the meta time to settle. Also you’re comparing an entire deck Archetype to a single card, they don’t parallel.


you ever played yugioh…when a certain archetype with broken effects comes into play they just mix it up with “lightsworns” and all of a sudden its top tier. but konami ends up banning or limiting cards from the archetype and leaves lightsworns untouched… saberspine tiger is that lightsworns. i know it won’t get touched because they made it iconic for the winter ^^ we will wait n see. i just have a good judgment of things when i see it and normally correct about them just watch and see. im gunna climb to s rank now ^^


Have fun with that, I guess I’ll try the same.


Locking - this is a rant thread (saying that this is not a rant doesn’t magically cancel the rant).

Please wait for the new meta to settle, it’s only day one.