Stereotypical Introduction


Hey guys,

I am a relatively new player. I’ve had Duelyst downloaded for a while but haven’t actually played seriously until this past week.

A few questions:

Is the forum the only place to connect with people? or are there social media pages that have been started?

Are there any YouTubers that you would recommend that invests a lot of time on Duelyst such as uploading and perhaps a twitch stream?

Duelyst is definitely a game I can spend hours on and I’m looking forward to meeting and playing with some of y’all!


Hello,make sure to check out the meme thread

Mogwai left the game but all his duelyst Vids are amazing.

I Don’t watch twitch much.

Also reddit and discord exist.


I second the megamogwai recommendation. Brian Kibler occasionally posts Duelyst content or streams Duelyst and if you know anything about him, you’ll know that he is amazing. Other more active streamers include Hsuku, Grincherz, and F8D

I have mixed feelings about the reddit, but the Duelyst discord is pretty good.

Please stay away from the meme thread. If it is ever brought up, move to the mountains and become a hermit that only plays Sajj.


This is a very good resource.

I do believe Hsuku is streaming now and is probably the streamer for tips and beginners.

edit: oops didn’t mean to give a whole video link but happy mistakes


Welcome friend, I hope you enjoy the game. The forums is the best place to connect with us as we’re not jerks like on reddit. Anyhow, Grincherz is a good streamer to watch


Scarzig is a duelyst youtuber who has a lot of really recent and relevant videos for new players that I’d reccomend you check out.


There is also Reddit, there are people, and you can “connect” (if being kicked in the nuts is an acceptable type of connection) :wink:

Also, Discord server :

For the streamers, I have several bookmarked on youtube, tell me if you want links, you can also check

I agree with that. If you want to try, I can provide few useful Adblock lines to make it “barely readable”.


SNS: Reddit, Twitter, Discord and this forum. And the meme thread.


I just can’t understand why are you still calling meme thread the meme thread? There has been over9000 replies since the last meme.

@RandomCrowbar, don’t go there, you have better use for your time.


You’re exaggerating, last decent meme was around 150 messages (3 days) ago :wink:

yeah, I got the “over 9000” reference, don’t worry

But indeed, requires a bit of time, filtering and patience to sort the shit out of it, better to avoid this thread if you don’t have these.


…or you can come over and make wonderful memories that will haunt you forever.

The Meme Thread…a place where dreams have their own nightmares…

And welcome, btw. :sunglasses:


Im not saying the meme thread is a meme thread. Im saying the meme thread its a SNS


Thanks for the advice and suggestions guys!


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