Steps to nerf Songhai


So i see ppl here raging about songhai songhai songhai being that top tier deck that blows everyone away. well i havent seen meldhai played at all since that lil nerf so maybe thats a good thing however spellhai still dominates. i havent played much of other factions since i main ziran (yes i like to challenge myself using the weakest class to beat meta) so i cant really say how other factions function against songhai reva. But i can tell you this their main cards are 1. four winds 2. bloodrage mask 3. Phoenix fire .4 lantern fox 5. killing edge and lastly crescent spear. and yes its in the order of importance.

So if they were to nerf songhai one of those would have to be touched. i know the songhai community love these cards so i would not be too hard but if it was up to me i would nerf 3 things.

  1. four winds to 4-3

  2. inner focus to 1 mana (yes i said it don’t hate because you like to use bbs reva for free)

3.remove lantern fox ability (but we all know this wont happen so do not rant about me being absurd)

As for those vetruvian players saying they got nothing against ranged i’m like (o.O) people do not like use tech cards there is a thing called crossbones you know if you hate reva so much… but nah people just want to use cheap efficient removals and apply high pressure to be considered top tier.

In closing as a lyonar player 20 ribbons ^^ songhai can be quite annoying yes you win some you lose alot once i drop grandmaster zir and they cant deal with it they concede other than that they chip away at your life burning you whenever they can and sooner or later a killing edge will land on a hearthseeker dealing critical damage and with bloodrage mask fourwinds combo artifacts get rekt while they heal up so it seems impossible to kill them so the nerfs i suggested might make it more manageable for other factions to deal with minus lantern fox cuz i know that won’t ever happen just saying ^^

however… i notice ppl are saying reva bbs is just too powerful so a thought came to mind how about nerfing her bbs so that either the heartseeker cannot be affected by spells or heartseeker cannot attack same turn for whatever reason… maybe that could slow them down just a lil. And side note i accept all critiques i don’t view others as haters we will have our disagreements but at the end of the day we as a community are looking to slightly balance things out so that every faction can defeat any faction all it takes is a lil luck and skill. thanks you all for sharing your posts and ideas i hope the devs take our views into consideration.


Ranged Value generators doesn’t necessarily refer to the ranged keyword.


what you tryning say crossbones does not kill those hearthseekers?


I am trying to say that Crossbones doesn’t kill Moloki, Four winds, shadowdancer, bloodmoon, kelaino, sunforge lancer, and their family.


lol come on bro i know that… but i see what u mean yall rather free siphon from a distance an enemy. Positioning is key stay close to them simple n drop those aymara healers


Have you tried vet after the nerf? I did, because i like the faction even though its not my main. Its annoying as fuck, when you have to build artificial bridges to neutralize a fucking kelaino that at that point already healed your opponent for 5.


nah i haven’t maybe repulsor beast should be a staple for vet players that extra reach turn 6 entropic decay


So what you are saying is that repulsor into decay is a remotely viable solution to sth. like a fourwinds?


or with falcius


no i meant turn i meant turn 5 repulsor falcius


That doesn’t make your suggestion any more reasonable or viable.


Yo, Repulsor costs 3 mana. >_> Not 2.


at the end of the day bro thats why i suggest nerfing four winds to 4-3 so its more manageable to deal with


i goofed right there -_- my bad



Magi isn’t the problem here. If anything as far as Songhai is concerned its the abundance of cheap cycle spells.

Vetruvians problem is that they can’t deal with ranged value generators in any way that resembles efficiency - which you denied in your original post.


At that point you might as well be playing Ephemeral, if you can hit the thing with repulsor in the first place, which leads us back to square 1 as far as vet is concerned.

Back on topic, I really never understand the hatred Songhai gets. Sure I get blasted by Phoenix Fires sometimes and it might feel bad because it doesn’t seem like there’s anything to be done, but you don’t see Magmar drawing the same flak for doing double-digit Rush damage in games, Cass for instantly killing people with a Ghost Azalea, or Lilithe for the same thing.

I think the best way to reduce the strength of Songhai is with cards like Azure Herald; burst and rushdown can only sustain themselves for so long before they lose traction and the game. Adding health to your general is generally the way that’s done.


I agree, Songhai just has way too many cheap, even free, spells, and ways to cycle those cheap spells.


at the end of the day its called balancing cannot nerf them too hard and then vetruvian players spyral of of control thats why i commented in another post falcius should be 4 mana.


maybe if magi didnt heal it wouldnt be so bad… with songhai dispelling isnt as effective… im not talking about the ranged minions im talking about dispelling four winds cause they will buff it anyways instantly removing songhai minions as they come is the key to victory simple as that so people need to find alternative ways to do so


No thankyou. While making IF cost 1 is my first choice in “nerf Songhai” routes, the rest of this is simply too much. Faction cards like Lantern Fox give players incentive to play said faction. Strong faction cards give their faction a sense of identity and tell the player how each factions handles problems that arise. Four Winds, also isn’t a problem- because playing it effectively means devoting a large portion of your deck to it (Spellhai.)

Getting over-excited to handle balance problems with nerfs is like trying to tell everyone to eat pancakes without syrup- Sure, you might be able to justify how “bad” syrup is for the digestive system, but you’re still eatting pancakes- a pleasure food of little to no nutrional benefit The balance issues are better fixed by giving factions outside of Abyssian and Vanar a greater number of reasonable tools to fight through the mess… or in the pancake metaphor, garnish with fruit slices that both absorb the syrup and add nutritious fructose to the plate.