"Steal & Copy" themed deck


Exploring some path out of the meta, I’d love to make a “Steal & Copy” Vet deck.

I’ve been thinking of some key cards and combos :

  • Psychic Conduit
  • Blindscorch + Psychic Conduit
  • Blindscorch + Zen’Rui
  • Mirage Master then dispell on target after copy
  • Dominate Will
  • Alcuin Loremaster
  • Mindwarper
  • Twilight Sorcerer
  • Bunch of dispell : Lightbender, Siphon Energy, EphShrouds

Considering Lightbender, Alcuin and Mindwarper are Arcanyst, maybe slip some Owlbeast Sage within ?
Or maybe some ManaForger and Abjudicator (both Arcanyst) for early Dominate ?
Any advices ?

The point would be to adapt to any opponent by using his weapons against him. Either controling one of his minions to kill another one (Psychic Conduit) or create a momentum in tempo by accelerating with copy his creature + dispell original.

My vision isn’t sharp yet, but I guess you get the concept.

Reminder : the point is to play something different and fun, I’m not aiming at S-Rank, and I don’t want to play the usual FotM Vet deck with Paxi, Falcius, Ayamara and the usual stuff you can see on every match :wink:

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Yup. That’s its own archetype. It’s called Sabotage Vet and it’s a ton of fun to play. The deck has no real win condition, it’s wincon i’s to steal your opponents minions and kill them with it.


Ok, found :


… god, that’s far from being cheap …


I don’t know how fighting meta decks with a deck that copies their meta cards is moving away from the meta, but I like the spirit of the deck xD


There is something especially satisfying about destroying your opponent with their own minions.


Even though it technically isnt, I always consider Hollow Grovekeeper to be a part of the Sabotage archetype.


Intriguing, gotta try the cheapest version…
But what is the step betwen the budget version and some of the high expensive lists?
Cuz I’ ve already made the budget one but dunno how to improve…started from less than a week…


First feedback : I did half-dozen fights in Silver to test it, and it’s been nice and funny, several wins in a row until … I met someone playing Cassy/Arcanyst, with plenty minions in common, was akward but still very fun :smile:
(and I guess my opponent enjoyed it too because he tipped for my first loss on the streak)

Funny start : Lyonar P1, starts with Azurite Lion, me P2, ManaForger + PsychicConduit on the Lion … Lion goes kamikaze twice and kills himself … opponent General is at 21 HP, neat :slight_smile:
Also, it’s very joyful to go PsyConduit on P2 Songhai going Lantern Fox at start.


Oh, what deck are you using? mind sharing the list?


IF you’re up for pure fun go for it, I’ve tried my own version of sabo-sajj (sabotage sajj) on the ladder and I couldnt grind it out and was stuck at rank1 last season. If u want go for it, but it’s less consistent than the usual vet decks you’ll fine, and yeah, vetruvians still lack strong ranged removal which I think is why this control-ish playstyle is not that great and refined yet.


I’m still in the process of refining it but so far, the core of the deck is this :

Empty slots have been tested with Aymara, Maelstorm (nice combo with Falcius), Lightbender, but found nothing fancy so far, still processing.

Dunno if I’m lucky but 3 times yesterday, fighting Lyonar, I pulled their Divine Bond with my Mindwarper and happily used it on a beefy Arcanyst, winning the match twice with that :slight_smile:

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Really cool deck idea! Love the concept.


I also like this idea… Considering Vetruvian is one of the only decks that I feel that can pull something like this out of it’s backside, I want to see this little idea grow into something. Mirror deck? Let’s see what you can do with this. How does it run? What are it’s strengths? Weakesses? Major/Minor Plays? Let’s hear it friend…


So far, it’s not working as easy as meta decks.
Most of my opponent are playing the usual Spellhai, Baconator, or Vet Pax, Falcius, Nimbus and shit, or Kara Kinetigers …

I tried to rework this deck from Arcanyst-tainted to Replace-oriented (Aethermaster, Krons, Widows …).

I’m struggling to find something both funny and efficient and I’m still in the porcess of refining it.


I know the feeling. I’m playing a couple of unusual decks and yeah, you lose a lot to meta decks. They are meta for a reason. :slight_smile:

Keep at it. It’s fun to try to do something different. And who knows, maybe you’ll end up defining the meta yourself someday. :slight_smile:


Let’s share those funny decks of you !
Show me yours I’ve shown you mine :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I didn’t want to derail your thread. Besides mine is neither as creative as yours, nor likely as effective, and I’m sure it’s been done before.

The original idea was to make an annoyance/lockdown deck featuring nothing but provokers and cards that create provoke effects. I chose Lyonar as the base for obvious reasons, and had to add some 2-drops to round out the curve since there are not many 2-drop provokers. I am still tinkering with this deck, but actually crafted 3 krons and 2 dioltases for it, which are the first significant spirit I have spent since I started. :slight_smile:

It seems to do well against some decks and miserably against others. (Though I guess that is always true, heh.) Surprisingly (to me) it does best against Songhai, a faction I usually struggle with, though I am still in silver division and I am sure higher up it would do worse. Kara gives me fits due to lots of removal and the ability to outvalue my minions.

ETA: Of course right after I write this I play against a Songhai and get absolutely destroyed. lol.