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You may be aware that Duelyst has an official wiki:

No offence meant for the maintainers, but I think the state of the wiki is not so good. It contains a lot of outdated material and it still lacks all the cards of Shimzar. It is also inconsistent in its style across different pages and it never discusses strategies or unexpected interactions for existing cards.

Don’t you think it’s a pity? My feeling is that having a better wiki would be important for this community. First, it shows that the game is alive and the community active. Second, it helps all the players, most notably those who do not participate in the forums. I recall that, when I was playing HS, I used to consult the wiki a lot to understand cards and get folklore information that is not apparent in the game itself. I think having this kind of support is important to hook players to the game.

I want to be honest, I don’t have so much time to keep the wiki constantly updated, but I would like to raise the attention of the community, since I think this point is important. I see this thread as a way to collect preliminary feedback on the importance of this topic. If the community finds my point valuable and shows interest in improving the wiki, we should probably discuss on how to organise efforts. I’m pretty sure this community has the knowledge and the skills to make a great wiki.

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I totally agree. I’d love to update it but I don’t have the time to either. And I’d be pretty slow to do so.


My hope would be to find a few fellow Duelysts with time for this :slight_smile: if there is a serious interest, I may sacrifice some playtime (or sleeping hours) to help in making this start on the right track, but I don’t realistically see myself as the project leader on the long run. If we find enough people to parallelize the work, it should not be horribly hard to carry out.


Yeah. I’ll give that a first shot when I get an other computer, but I’m not fast at all and I’m not a regular worker at all :sweat_smile:


Hey, potentially good news here! @eldynamite and I have been discussing about the state of the wiki, and we decided to open a Discord channel to gather people who are willing to improve it. Of course, there is quite a lot of work to do, but there is no deadline and as a community effort this is much more doable and enjoyable.

So, let me call for participations :slight_smile: This is the invitation to the Discord channel:

Feel free to join us, even if you are just curious about what we are discussing. More focused efforts and some organization of the work will be scheduled in the next days.


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