State of the Magmar 8/31/2016 After Shimzar


Time for another one of these post.So lets get right to it

1.What was the first Magmar deck you tried? What do you think is the highlight card or cards of the expansion for Magmar

2.How do you feel about the adjusted/nerf cards Taygete,Veteran Slithar ,Elder Silthar?

3.Are you happy with the direction of Magmar cards? Do you think Starhorn got enough support?

4.What is the most successful deck you have so far tried so far?What would recommend people try?

I will be clear on this is not a complain thread.The reason I am posting this thread is to get a discussion going between people who like to play Magmar.Yes they will be some negative but try to bring something productive to topic as well.Note It has been less than day when list get fine tuned we will have better idea of where the state of Magmar really is at.

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1.The first deck that I tried was the egg deck,Then I tried a grow and battle pet deck.None of them feel really awesome.The highlight card so far Nature’s Confernce it feels good when i ever used it.

2.I don’t really like any changes 4 health is to easy remove which defeats the purpose of Taygete imo.I think Veteran would have been would have been fine as is but i guess the change synch up with new egg rush package.I think Elder should be a 6 drop.

3.I am not happy with direction of Magmar cards but maybe thatis just because i had so little time playing with them but overall Magmar cards seem way to expensive to pull off things it wants to do.People hated Taygete but it was the one card you had to fear right away.Magmar has good cards very few have right away impact.

The most disappointing part is Starhorn other than visionar i don’t see another card that helps him.Maybe I am not seeing something but with Sajj and Ziran improving with cards.I was very hopeful about Starhorn in my opinion nothing happened.

4.The most successful deck for me has been good stuff list with Kron and Grove Lion but it feels like something is missing.


i faced a magmar flash slithar elder pretty op i think they should revert to original egg mechanic cuz you will soon see a swarm of elders but then again im not using any lightbenders yet so after a week we will seee how much magmar has changed


Yeah thats the part i really don’t understand lol, they nerfed Elder in a way that wasn’t really a nerf considering the new egg mechanic, but made Vet. Silithar a straightup worse sunsteel.


As a very frequent magmar player, i think the nerf to taygete was well deserved.

However, the nerf to veteran slithar makes no sense and gutted everything about why I was looking forward to magmar in this patch.

The only good egg minions now are young and elder slithar. That’s not enough for all this synergy they added.

Also, if pandamonium exists, metmorphosis should be 5 mana again.

However, i dont think magmar is suddenly ‘tier 0.’ I expect it to be better than vet, and compete well with the other factions, although vanar looks rather troubled this expansion- they gained way too much for already being a problem faction. But all factions are going to have a hard time with vanar :confused:


Don’t underestimate Vet, Nimbus is basically broken af, Falcius, allomancer, and all that good stuff is pretty damn good as well.

That being said, i think Zoo Mar might be decent, Mandrake and Natures Confluence can be kinda good in that. Well, Mandrake is at least better than Pantheran.


I expect twing fang decks and midrange decks from last month will both still be good even with taygete nerf (since imo they were good before taygete existed). In addition, I’m still hoping some form of mag control works out. We’ll see.


Yeah, i agree on that, i just don’t know whether Midrange Magmar can continue to be good in a power creeped meta, where creep and spellhai run amok. And that’s pretty much where we are heading after we tested out all the flashy new stuff.


Rebirth minions (except elders) dont stick so lava lance is meaningless. Veteran is unplayable, its not bad, its unplayable
Elders is the same, u either get it out early and your opp cant deal with it, or never play it cause u win/die before u can play it safely
Grow is still bad
The 8-mana spell is just a plasma storm which deals damage, and a bad one at that
Starhorn remains under-supported (Visionar is literally a highhand with more atk)

Sorry for being a bit pestimistic but i dont see this expansion give magmar anything new, except new enemies to deal with


We also gotta keep in mind that Thumpening Wave doubles as finisher (a good one at that) and removal (good removal), so its basically the el dorado for aggro decks.


At the very first look (but if you looked at the spoilered Magmar cards in the forefront of the release of Shimzar it was probably forseeable) my reaction was not only sadness but anger. I can’t estimate in this moment if this is overreaction or not so I try not to rant.

  1. While I’m Magmar main with some ribbons on it I will take a Magmar break and wait some time and let others test if they are still playable and or not. That’s not soo dramatic as it sounds because I wanted to try out other factions anyways. Vanar seems to be pretty good again this season…
  2. I disenchanted Veteran and Silithar instantly. Well - I know for myself that I’ll get them back sooner or later. Elder nerf may be ok with the new egg mechanic. Don’t know. Seems a pretty hard nerf but may be ok. Veteran is nerfed to death and will only have use in egg oriented decks - maybe. Maybe the nerf is too hard for egg decks also. I see no reason to play him in future from what I know at this moment.
    Taygete loses her sweet spot with the 4 health nerf. It’s like the difference between 3 or 2 health for a 2 drop. Since most of the skillful players has seen her as a very good but not OP card this nerf is clearly a step made for the less skillful players to stop ranting about her. Unnecessary nerf that hits Magmar hard.
  3. Starhorn essentially got 1 card to be a better general now. As I stated in other post it’s my believe that trying to buff a General with cards instead of reworking the BBS is the wrong way. If going this (“the wrong”) way I think 1 card is not enough. Starhorn needs a rework. Still.

And now more general: It’s my believe that Shimzar really put Magmar to the bottom tier (well I can’t say much about Vetruvian since I don’t play them and I can’t say much about them). Vanar, while top tier last season will be even stronger with the new cards and the still not reworked Kara. And we will see lot more Songhai.
My suggestion for the next two weeks (to the first corrections in terms of balance if they happen):

  1. Vanar, 2. Songhai/Abyssian, 3. Lyonar, 4. Vetruvian, 5. Magmar.

I pray to god I’m not correct. I wouldn’t shame - it would be a pleasure for me!


thats why i said magmar got nothing new, aggro mar is not in need of anything, and using a buff to trade and than having only a 3/3 left is not good


It is indeed good. Its 5 dmg for 3 Mana which is ok, and if you don’t need the damage potential its an expensive aspect of the fox. The really only downside is that its slow, i.e. you can’t remove for example an aymara with this and go for lethal the same turn.


i didnt say its bad, i said its not what magmar need, magmar is the faction with the most amount of rush and has strong offensive buff, removal wise a conditional high cost spell is not what magmar needs either. The spell screams vanar for what it does and it doenst even help you trade well because u are trading 2 cards for a 3/3 and kill a enemy minion


Magmar didn’t really ‘need’ anything particular pre-patch (besides starhorn), but most factions didn’t. Shimzar didn’t really give Factions things they needed, but just gave them new flashy powerful toys. And Magmar prolly got the worst ones. And Thumping Wave helps Aggro Magmar to still compete in this very different meta. And yeah Magmar had buffs and had removal, but this is both in 1 Slot which is pretty good. Mandrake is another card i underestimated, it’s not great, but with all the pets its playable for sure. Its not all bad for Magmar.

  1. I played Midrange deck with Gro. Chrysalis Burst has become better because of the changes to rebirth. As for Shimzar, nothing. Absolutely fucking nothing.
  2. Elder was the only exception but even this has pretty much made it the most overcosted-praytojesus-it sticks card, which becomes useless when you can trade/remove with it so damn easily. Especially for other factions because they now have arguably better removal options than Magmar. Veteran is a much worse Steel Defender, and people will still whine about Taygete because they can only see in circlejerking vacuum of their mind.
  3. No. The faction I knew and loved is gone, A faction with “big, powerful and hard to kill minions” is no more. Can you even call that “support”?
  4. Play your previous season decks with a few Shimzar neutral minions in it.

I’m still very very tilted after seeing the Shimzar card reveal gallery and playing Magmar for a small while, so my judgment and critical thinking is shot for this expansion. I’m also very happy for the other factions as well, they needed their themes and in-faction mechanics upgraded and revised with new support cards and threats.

So why wasn’t Magmar treated with same degree of ingenuity and care from CP. That’s the real question I want answered. Because what we got was fucking garbage to what I know CP is capable to doing.


I only played 2 games in diamond, but it was evident that magmar sister is extremely powerfull against pets, since they act before the opponent player turn… And it is a lot of fun to see opponent pets suicide. So I think the nerf makes sense.


It would make sense if Magmar actually got proper Synergy cards like the other factions. But considering that most of Magmars cards are just mediocre, while all other factions got crazy stuff, CP really didn’t need to nerf Taygete as well.


“Shimzar didn’t really give Factions things they needed, but just gave them new flashy powerful toys” - This is what i dont see in magmar tbh, and like i said, aggro mar can do fine without the expansion cards. Im not mad because we got the worst cards, im mad because the only good (competitive?) deck we have now is aggro and keeper rush decks. Midrange magmar cant compete with a 4 hp taygete, and control cant be play when shadow creeps and combo decks(songhai) is played all the time, especially after they nerfed all magmar control tools then give all other faction ways to wipe the board (at a cheaper price and easier to set up). We dont have vet level of cantrip so playing zoo or tempo is not gonna be too fruitful


Taygete need a nerf but 3 attack and 5 health need to stay.That one health makes easy to remove and Taygete shouldn’t be easy to remove.