State of the Magmar 12/5/2016 Time to be concerned?


I was waiting for new Rise of the bloodborn card to drop before doing this topic but then they released the card “punish”.I am not complainer and I am a wait and see guy but this one few times you have go what is CPG thinking.There is this exact card in HS and the card it is mostly fine.In fact it spent most of exsistence as one mana card.Two things I think made card fair in HS

A.The card is a warrior card the faction with self damage stuff

B.Warrior doesn’t have a hero power ping.

I have no real issue with card existence in duelyst,The card I think is fine but faction selection of the card is a big problem.Skorn isn’t a Magmar card so I will leave it out but what happens when you use these magmar cards against Abyssinian

1.Flash reincarnation
3.Kientic Equilibrium
4.Spirit Harvestor

The card fundamental changes how Magmar plays/makes decks.The worse part is this is not first time Cass done this to Magmar faction.Rebirth Minions are fodder against Cass.

Anyways I like said I am wait and see guy maybe Rise of Bloodborn brings good stuff for faction or we are overreacting but Magmar has four core archtypes imo RUSH, REBIRTH,GROW, and SELF DAMAGE. Cass makes two of the core ways you build decks useless and grow isn’t very good.So there is one option to make decks.

Anyways I am still excited for the expansion and the new cards but we have already been in meta when bad match up exists and it kinda removes faction from the game.It is time to be a little concerned?

-What do you want see in the expansion for Magmar

-What do you think the effect of new cards will have against Magmar.Execlcious,Geomancer and Punish

Dinosaur people's club [Shimzar] (outdated)

I’d like to see an artifact that gives same ability as Syvrel the Exile but on opponent General.
Something like :
Your General gains ranged, any minion or General damaged are pulled in front of your General.

I’d like more focus on “army of one” and Magmar General being the main source of damage, in the spirit of AdamClaw, Bounded LifeForce etc.
Also, a complete board wipe spell, simple like : “Destroy all minions on board”


I have suggestion about that Plasma Storm should be 8 mana destroy all creature with 5 attack or lower and Flaming Stampede should be 5 mana and do lower amount of damage like 3 or 4 damage.I think that works out a little better


It’s ok now, abyssian has punish magmar has natural select And plasma storm. Saying this card is bad because it makes a certain archtype less viable is silly. Do you know what one card, yes only one, that makes the swarm vs Magmar matchup unfavourable, plasma storm, that’s the reason it’s an unfavourable game for Lilith. Now it’s pretty even tbh.


Too early to judge, sorry


I’d say the reason Swarm went away is because of the prevalence of Skorn. When I started there were a lot of Swarm decks and Plasma Storm existed. It wasn’t until Skorn came out that they started to fade away.

That being said, comparing Plasma Storm to Punish is silly. Comparing it to Natural selection, might be more honest.

Also, did Abyssian really need something to stand up to Magmar specifically? Your response makes it seem as if Plasma Storm (and the Magmar faction)was specifically created to screw Lilithe over, necessitating reprisal.


I never meant it like that, as a counter point though, punish isn not meant to screw over magmar specifically either. Although it will work very well against magmar. Just how plasma storm isn’t meant just to screw over Lilith but it does do a very good job of it.

Pre scorn is actually a really good example of why magmar will still be ok, pre scorn plasma storm was still pretty tough on swarm, but it was still viable, mainly beause it’s faction specific. I feel like the same will apply with punish, there’s no way it’ll make those magmar decks unviable, it’ll just make the abyssian match up a little harder.


What I think people fear is that the same thing will happen as in Shim’Zar. Every Magmar card that isn’t FACEFACEFACEFACE will be sub-par due to counters, the faster meta and cards like these in general. If you counter Magmar’s Archetypes easily (Fragile eggs and Shadowcreep, easy dispel/removal and Grow) (now Damaged minions countered by a spell that will be ubiquitous in nearly every Abyssian list because it’s such great value) and hard in 1/4th of the matches, people will be less inclined to run these archetypes.

What’s left when you remove eggs, Grow and Self-Harm? Why things that can’t be targeted before they do their thing, a.k.a. Rush. I fear that if Punish becomes staple Magmar will be relegated to only using Rush again, making people dislike them more and continuing the cycle.

Now I’m not at this stage of pessimism yet, but it’s starting to look like CP unintentionally only wants Rush Magmar to be viable. That’s sort of the Vibe I got from Kirabi’s post. (Btw @kirabi feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.)


The one of faction identity is Aoe.It is not surprise that it would be strong against faction that plays 1/1 minions.And No actually Plasma Storm never killed swarm because of Shadow dancer

Anyways the point was Cass already had a favorable match up against Magmar egg/rebirth strategies.Now the same build counters ramp /self damage builds.This is the equilvent Magmar countering Swarm and Big Abyss in the same build that what card does to Magmar.


if Destroy all minions on board then legendary for 9 mana since we almost have 0 9 mana spells if anybody realized that.Second give magmar anything but ranged thank god doesn’t have any artifact that gives him ranged moreover it doesn’t fit to magmar and duelysts story line.
And lets wait till the magmar spoiler comes out which is most probably an epic i think and everyone is Hyped :smiley:


I never said plasma storm killed swarm, just like this card probably won’t kill magmar. Although it is still too early to judge, there’s still at least 36 more cards in this expansion to look at. :slight_smile:


It’s not really a true “ranged”, I mean, it’s ranged like a … chameleon’s tongue :stuck_out_tongue:

Vaath seems to have some sort of blue whip on his usual illustration, why not a harpoon :wink:


It’s not to early judge anything,The card is independently strong already meaning even Magmar cards weren’t damage themselves it is a strong card.Matters are only compounded because Magmar does the job itself.

I never said it would kill Magmar,Keeper rush your face Magmar still works.It is problem when one card or ability kills a build and if you noticed I suggested before you commented that Plasma storm be made 8 mana card.Plasma storm basically shuts down Healnar and Obelysk vet in unhealthy manner.

The expansion better add new builds because that card clearly shuts down only other builds that aren’t face face face.


I disagree, it doesn’t shut them down, it gives them a bad match up. Every build has bad matchups and if they don’t, they usually get nerfed in some way.


I agree with you that this new card is utterly terrifying but tbh of the four you’ve listed the only one that sees regular play is Flash reincarnation and even then not every runs it. While it does hurt Taygete, half the time Flash is being used on a Sunsteel which won’t be damaged or an Elucidator/Makantor which will probably be dead after it attacks anyways unless you heal it with Mystic or Amplify it. But yes it would make using Skorn a bit riskier.


The issue is that self-damage decks already have a ton of bad matchups and were hardly in need of a indirect nerf…
EDIT: Let’s hope they give it some good support cards as compensation


I agree, self-damaging is just overall poor because outside of Amplification or neutral draw cards/RNG Starhhorn BBS & Razor skin; Magmar lacks the means to quickly reinforce their now more fragile board or replenish their depleted hand.


People in this world today I swear… CAN please at least wait till they show us a magmar card before we start crying. It’s state the as it was yesterday this thread is a waste of forum space.


No it is not same state,Cass is already bad match up

1.Better late game
2.Counters rebirth/Egg strategy

Now Cass counters amplification self damage strategies and ramp strategies.If Cass is popular faction Magmar will be pushed down bit.I live this reality with Songhai it was almost unwinnable match up.It is fair to make a thread that shows concern about this issue.

Nowhere it is stated that Magmar is dead,No where was real panic stated(intentionally) I even mentioned I am waiting and see what cards are being printed.

I am generally disappointed that card was given to faction that already punishes Magmar minions.I am disappointed the card wasn’t given to for example magmar who could only combo it with Kinetic equalibrum (3) Skorn(4) Spirit harvestor(5) and blood tear (1).Every other faction in the game and even Lilthe is fine would be fine with the card.Cass getting the card is horrible thing for game in general and even worse implications for Magmar


There’s no telling what this card will bring. All I know is that it is dependent on a slower meta in order to be effective.

Remember Inquisitor Kron? Nimbus? Ironcliffe Heart? These are just a few of the cards from the Shim’Zar expansion that everyone saw as OP. It wasn’t until the expansion hit when we realized that these cards weren’t as powerful as we thought, or were otherwise nerfed.

It’s just too soon to know for sure. Today, there are complaints about Abyssian. Tomorrow, it could be Vanar. Let’s just wait and see what happens when the expansion hits.