State of the Magmar (11-2-2016) Enter the Decimus


Time for another one of these topics.So lets get right to it

1 What do you think of the new monthly cards in Magmar? Which do think will have the biggest impact.

All the cards except for ironclad are playable in Magmar imo, Zyx is a decent addtion to zoo builds that try to get out Mandrake because those deck plays razor skin which I think combos well with zyx.Azure Herald is a decent replacement for Earthsphere it isn’t the same role but it is a choice as an replacement in an deck where you want healing but you want a body as well. I think the best one of out the group is Decimus.This isn’t card that fixes Starhorn but if they make a card that makes Starhorn playable this card in conjunctions with that card will be the base of builds

2 Did anyone else seen what has happened with Dreadnaught?

It is probably a glitch but when dreadnaught dies it does the egg protection thing on its own egg.I like it i would really like to know if this is on purpose and even if it isn’t on purpose i think it should stay.

3.How do you feel about Magmar place in the game?

I think Magmar is in a good place it isn’t the best faction in the game but it is right in the middle.Eggmar needs some help but i think they are a good variety of different types of deck you can use right now.Starhorn got a little love and think they will be a tier 2 deck with Starhorn this season


Ironclad is plain useless in everything but maybe dying wish abyss, decimus is solid enough and a nice toy for starhorn, i actually think starhorn is gonna be the only general who uses him in the long run. Azure is nice for Vaaths smash and control decks, even though the latter aren’t really viable anyways. I don’t think Zyx is good for Zoohorn, since there are so many good low drops already, and the lil bit of snyergy with razor skin doesn’t cut it imo, i’d rather use Bloodtears and Rexes and whatnot.

Magmar suffers from Spellhai a lot. Should i try to get to S-Rank again this month, i’ll most likely either use Aggrohorn or Midrange lyonar, since Midrange Magmar just doesn’t feel good rn.

CPG just needs to fix Egg and growthmar and give Starhorn something next expansion, i hate having half-assed archetypes that don’t work.


First of all thanks for making the thread, I was sort of slacking in my upkeep of the previous one due to hospital stays.

  1. Zyx and Decimus seem specifically for Starhorn. Decimus moreso. It might indeed be the card that gets a Starhorn card-draw deck off the ground. Though I still loathe that that is the second Magmar Archetype that they’re trying to make viable instead of any of the more fun things you can do with the faction.

Ironclad seems too slow, but still useable with flash if necesary. Though why would you want to?

Azure Herald seems good for both Starhorn and Magmar.

  1. I think t’s not on purpose but it happens anyway.

  2. I’m still annoyed they’re pushing Magmar into the Rush/Aggro faction. They need to do a better job of promoting Grow, Egg and Masochist Magmar archetypes. I think Magmar is a viable faction but is lower on the rung than Songhai, Abyssian and Lyonar. I’m unsure how they compare to Vetruvian and Vanar currently. AS noted before, I loathe that they’re forcing the card-draw thing on Magmar because of Starhorn. I would prefer a rework of Starhorn but that seems unlikely at this point.

As an addendum question for others:
4. What various archetypes of Magmar could be explored further (can be existing ones or brand new ones):

Eggs: This is self-explanatory. There need to be more Rebirth minions, Shim’Zar tried and failed hard to make use of this mechanic properly. The next expansion should at least TRY and remedy their past failure.

Grow: See above, though they only really included Gro and Moloki Huntres so the attempt didn’t fail as hard.

Self-sacrifice: this seems to be something that has fallen by the wayside so far. Elucidator, Kujata, Flash reincarnation, Amplification. More could be done to make Magmar the faction that sacrifices hitpoints only to heal themselves for gain later. Instead Abyssian and Lyonar have become the more powerful healing factions. No pain, no gain Magmar should be a thing.

Replicate: This is something mostly based off of Elder Silithar and Fractal replication. Going off the growth and evolution themes of Magmar, I’d love to see a Magmar Archetype focused on replicating itself through splicing and egg-laying. This might be an interesting avenue to explore aside from Flood and Aggro.


Eh, much didn’t change. The most notable thing is decimus but I’m yet to see anyone having a notable success with the deck. It’s early in the season so no wonder, we’ll see. I mean sure, Zyx has potential to make swarm a bit better due to it’s stickiness and therefore being decent targets for buffs, and herald might be helpful enough to help slower magmar decks to be a bit more competitive or even serve as an alternative to sphere like you mentioned but I doubt those will impact the faction in any significant way.


I started the first one,I can’t decide between it being a monthly thing or when something major happens but you and others continued it which I liked.The best I think to do these threads when people have decks to dicuss or present.

As for the question you ask I see these are Magmar builds

5.Self damage/Twin fangs
7.Draw Kujuta
8.Star Horn decks

I mostly want them to work on the Starhorn stuff because starhorn needs super specific things to work where as bunch of things work in Vaath,You can literally pick a seven drop and try to build most of them you can something decent.

As a side note the first thing at beginning of the month was to try Unseven deck Magmar deck,If Magmar had a dying wish minion it would be decent.Unseven is good minion for Magmar because of flash reincarnation and the self damage stuff just nothing to capitalize but one of these days


It is also hilarious that people haven’t notice the dreadnaught thing,I think it being a 2/3 egg when it dies is a major deal.


I’m fairly sure it’s a recent thing, as the Dreadnaught eggs I got when I tried him out did not have the buff.
THough what do you expect, nobody runs Dreadnaught or Morin-Khur or Wild Inceptor, so any bugs and oddities with them never get recorded or noticed.


Well I am glutton for punishment so I have been using it every season since it was released.I have noticed the change. try it out when your dreadnaught dies it leave back a 2/3 egg.

It is kinda perfect that it does that I am more willing to flash it out early and that is best case scenario for it.The only fear that it is not the intended result.I need some official word because that makes it a better minion.


Right now I’m running a star spell deck with decimus, AH, and zeke. I have to say I like the new cards. AH is great when you go face with your general slot. What both zeke and Ah do great is survive. Opponents. Generally tend to want to kill of all your minions so having a 1 cost minion that copies itself is great. Plus that turn one 4 minion play 5 if u can get both side mana tiles is delicious.

On decimus he does work great with star horn as its 2 damage right away with bus. Couple that with a spell hammer a card that most opponents will let live and its a great time threat. But this meta has dispels out the wazoo getting it to stick can be hard. But I’m still in silver right now so most people aren’t running 4-5 dispels.


Zyx in kara along with lady locke.


While I know Kara has a very Magmar-esque BBS (Grow) she is still not a Green Reptile.


lmao, forgot what the thread was called, everyone was discussing the monthlies so I joined in


The new dreadnought actually seems alright. The body alone is comparable to reaper of the 9 moons. A 2/3 that transforms into a 4/6 is probably better than a random minion from your opponent’s deck. If it was a 5 mana rebirth that leaves behind a 2/3 egg, it would be pretty decent. Right now, you are paying 1 mana to give other eggs +2/+2, which is kind of worthwhile.

Please don’t change this back. Look at the magestic sprite!


I’ll add to my statement that the lack of Magmar variety post Shim’Zar together with my shitty luck at opening orbs has killed a lot of my enthousiasm for actually playing Duelyst. I like talking about Duelysts potential and lore, but actually playing the game has become a drag due to the lack of variety in decks I encounter and can play with my limited (nearly Magmar only) collection.

I’m hoping the next expansion shakes things up a little and they learn from their mistakes in Shim’Zar, allowing me to enjoy the faction and the game again.


Well good cards and strats will always be played that’s in every card game in existence.

On you not having the the cards cause of rng that’s life I was fortunate to have the time (being in the kick starter) and the money (actually rewarding a company I think is doing a good job) to own copies of most of the cards to date. My advice to you is it takes time go play ranked for fun now, do the challenges, play the gauntlet and sooner then later you’ll be in a spot where u can build diverse decks.

If ur not doing it already have more then one game to play. The quickest way to get tired of something is to do it everyday and nothing else and that goes for most things in lifr