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State of the game - diamond


I am returning player with a new account (former S-rank). Diamond is spammed with trial decks. I have a decent win rate with a legendary-free deck, but games are so boring : win before the trial is over is probably 2/3 of the games, and then there are a lot of songhai solo.
So sad to see a great game abandoned.

This few weeks convinced me to quit again, I can’t understand why they could not take out the trial decks, are new player buying the orbs to get trial decks? Even removing trial would be too much work for CPG?




Seriously though, it is a wretched grind. I don’t blame you for leaving. But…there is still quite a few of us that ignore ranking for the most part and just enjoy the quirkier side; playing memes or whatever.


-> Play fast memes :wink:


There is always gauntlet.
Ladder has become a grind.

To be fair though, i hate playing Rag more than trial decks.


Easy solution if your goal is to grind, play a good aggro deck and smash those trials;)


Please rename this thread “State of the game - diamond sales”


You are right, I’ll do a gauntlet run with the free gold from the end of the month prize!


I had a different experience last month. But it always depends on the time when you play.

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