State of Magmar (16/9/16)


Now that the meta has stablised, how have new cards, egg mechanics and card changes impacted Magmar. Feel free to discuss or rant.

Personally I think Magmar won’t get much love from CP and I doubt there will be much faction card changes now, except for more nerfs. Magmar’s original theme is out of the window now, so anything goes now really.


I hate Thumping Waves Art but love it’s design.
Whoever thought putting a bunch of jolly bunnies into a faction of green ancient reptiles is a good idea, it’s not.


Magmar is in an OK spot right now.
The best card of the expansion seems to be Thumping Wave.

Hopefully at least Veteran Silithar becomes 4/4 to make Eggmar somewhat playable.


Well, tbh. Eggmar lacks on both ends. There aren’t enough eggs for egg synergy, and we don’t have good egg synergy cards. I feel like besides Mandrake and Thumping Wave (and pokemar) nothing has changed for magmar, they are just not as powerful anymore in a powercreeped meta like this.


Growmar seems to be growing in popularity with some adequate results. Before the expansion that archetype was almost unplayable.


Idk, i wouldn’t call growmar an archetype yet. We have 2-3 usable Grow Minions and one Synergy card for them.

And Kollossus was pretty dope before shimzar, people just never used it :smiley:

Looking at the new cards again, i just feel like they tried to do to many things at once, with Starhorn Support, Zoo/Pet Support, Grow Support and Egg Support. And let’s be real, Moloki is amazing but isn’t enough to make Grow an own archetype, visionar is just ass and doesn’t do anything for starhorn, Egg and Zoo got the most Support, the Zoo one is good, the egg one just doesn’t cut it at all.


With Mandrake, Thumping Wave and nature’s confluence Rush/battle pet Magmar is really strong right now. Sadly control magmar is really weak at the moment. I feel like the decks who are called control decks right now aren’t really that controllish if you compare them with control decks in the past. I really hope they change Emerald Rejuvinator back to how it once was, cause there is not enough healing for control decks to shine in my opinion


I have one thing to say to that:


Regular old Midrange Vaath with Thumping Wave, and Mandrake is decent enough. Don’t need to do anything cute with Natures Confluence.


I don’t really see what else they can add to Magmar aside from Starhorn support and archetype reinforcement. Unless they add new generals in their next expansion, which is planned for this year I think.


I’d say there’s a lot they could add to Magmar:

-More Egg-creatures so that archetype becomes viable.
-More Grow-creatures/synergies so that archetype becomes viable.
-More Starhorn support (which you mentioned), though I’d prefer a Starhorn rework.
-provide more support for the sacrifice part of Magmar cards. (see Kinetic Equillibrium, Flash reincarnation, Taygete, Amplification, Twin Fang).
-More support for One-man-Army Vaath, artefacts and general buffing spells.
(-Give Magmar a decent 8 mana spell (Flaming Stampede is trash for all intents and purposes))

And those are just the archetypes that are in at the moment.
Magmar also seem to have a big lightning/storm/disaster theme going (Spirit harvester, Plasma Storm) maybe pair that with their balance theme (dance of dreams, natural selection) or their replication/evolution theme (natural selection, Fractal replication, grow) for an Arcanyst Magmar archetype?

I’d honestly like either Grow to change into Grow on card draw or visa-versa, having two of essentially the same mechanic is kind of clunky.

@ Cassador I’m also in agreement that the bunnies are out of place, should have been tiny ninja turtles.


Magmar is still one of the top factions on ladder right now. However, the faction rankings right now boil down to Meldhai being tier one, and everyone else at tier two. While egg, grow, and Starhorn Magmar decks did not gain any traction, Vaath decks are doing exceptionally well. Overall, not a whole lot has changed other than the addition of Thumping wave, Chrysalis burst, and Mandrake to existing decks.

p.s. I actually like the bunnies :rabbit2::rabbit2::rabbit2:


My thoughts(hey someone did this thread other me which is cool)

-Mandrake is way better than most people expected it is Molten Giant done right.I love that this minion is good I was going make big long post when I saw the reactions.I sat down did the Math saw average when you could bring it out I knew it would be useable.

-Thumping Wave is the big surprise ,It doesn’t full fit in Magmar themewise or deck designwise but its versatility is going to make it staple in the future.

-Eggmar is disappointment

Rex is okay just wish it wasn’t a battle pet

Lava Lance is pointless because the egg are to fast

Wild inceptor is the same thing as lava lance and is too expensive.It should be 3 cost

Morin Khur is amazing when it works,It should probably be 4 cost but I can see why it has its cost.

Dreadnaught-Is a good card but either it should be a 5 drop or it needs more health

Flaming Stampede shouldn’t hit your general

The Silthar elder nerf actually was solid move, Veteran was completely over nerfed. Overall Eggmar is a miss but I actually like the foundation built

-Growmar is disappointment

Molaki Huntress needs one more health and Growmar would be more of a thing.

-Stathorn is a slight disappointment

Visionar is a actually a good card,It does its job it is a threat wheneve it comes on the board but Starhorn need more support than this and but the future it is a good card.

Starhorn isnt full disappointment because flood magmar,zoo magmar,pet magmar are a thing.Starhorn does those builds a little better than Vaath.Smashthings took a flood build Srank it might not be a tier 1 deck but it is not that far off.

What needs to happen for Magmar

First things first Clean up dampening wave,dance of dreams,tremor, Phalanxar, Kinetic equilibrium, Primordial gazer, Mind steal.Magmar has a lot of junk.It would be nice if those stuff was more useful

The second thing Card draw,Yes that is supposed to be Magmar weakness but good psuedo draw or tutor in fact would be nice at least good one.My suggestion would be 7 cost 5/5 minion that give the choice to draw two cards or restore 5 health but that is wishful thinking.

Third thing is eggmar needs to work,Grow functionally works it is metagame speed and cheap removal that is keeping back that deck.Eggmar cards just needs small reworks.

The last thing is reach another thing that is supposed to be a Magmar weakness.A fix for lava lance might help it but Magmar get abused because its minions can be ignored.The happiest I have been as Magmar player is when Songweaver was a thing.I would kill for 5 cost 3/3 that temporarily gives a minion fly for one turn.


On one side I don’t feel like I want to say anything about the expansion because it would be negative and there’s a lot of people here in the forum that only want to read good news and telling how fine everything is. On the other side I really like to tell the world how sad I am CP handles Magmar.

Eggmar simply doesn’t work because eggs are too slow even with the spawn change. There are too much tools to destroy eggs and we have not enough of them (eggs). The hole archetype stands and falls with Chrysalis Burst and I don’t think it’s healthy to make a complete archetype addicted to one single card. Nerfing a card in the hope to give Magmar more eggs with this decision (Veteran) was a fault. We need more eggs not weaker minions.

Growmar seems to be the most viable archetype in the moment. But Meta is just too fast to make Growmar a thing. (That’s also Karas problem in the moment - while still definitively playable she can’t play out her muscles because the matches are too short.)

Starhorns BBS is just unplayable. They can give him as much cards as they want. Card draw is just too important to give your opponent a card. You may say: “But Blaze Hound also gives your opponent a card!”. Yes. And I play Blaze Hound too (not in Magmar but I play him). And I think it’s a good card. But it gives you a card and an OKisch body. That’s a big difference! You need bodys to win (ok - not talking about Songhai, but we’re not them).

Petmar is a meme deck to be honest. And it may work if Natures Confluence works or it falls if not. It’s a bit the same problem that Eggmar has with Chrysalis Burst. Well - it may be fun sometimes but I don’t want a decks viability be dependent on one single card. In addition I don’t like the pet-thing - but that’s another story. We have Gro and he is good.

So what we got from Shimzar?

Gro: really good
Mandrake: the new 3-of
Elder nerf: I’m kinda ok with it.
Thumping Wave: Everybody says it’s ok - so I believe it. I have it in some decks and mostly replace it. Most probably a fault.

So no complaints to this point. What do we also got? (BTW - sorry for my probably wrong English - especially when different times come into the game)

Taygete nerf: I can see one reason why they had to nerf her and one other why they did it. a) Because of the pet-mechanic they had to do it. b) Getting rid of the whiners because of her they wanted to do it. The problem with b): Taygete was the card why Magmar wasn’t lowest tier anymore. Nerfing such a card means nerfing a hole faction! Well - still playable but as I said. Missing the sweet 5-health-spot has bigger impact as it looks at first sight. (My wish: Give her the old stats again!)
Veteran nerf: Was no auto-include before. Now he’s dead before he sees light. Bye, bye! (My wish: If you really want this stats, CP, make him cost 3. Or - I would prefer this - give him back the old stats.)
Legendaries: We have 3 new legendaries that don’t see any play - for reasons: As stated above the archetype they should push doesn’t work - even with them! (My wish: Morhin-Kur: 4 Mana; Dreadnought: Give Minions with Rebirth (not: egg Minions you summon) +2/+2, lower stats to 3/5; Flaming Stampede: 5 Mana, Deal 4 Damage to all non Rebirth-Minions (Edit: OK - let’s not freak out: 6 Mana))
In addition: Give Wild Inceptor Rebirth.

And - not to forget: Rework Starhorn instead of trying to make him work with cards!

All in all it seems all my changes at once would probably be too much. Maybe. Maybe not. But I see that’s maybe a thing.

Something more general to this post and to the game:

  • I don’t think all other factions are all right as they are now - but I’m only talking of Magmar in this post!
  • Please slow down the Meta! Just a bit. But that’s really too much speed at the moment! (Edit: This would also help Growmar a bit.)

Sorry for the long text. You’re allowed to kill me now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Long live the breeding horde! :hatching_chick::hatched_chick::baby_chick:

Balancing Magmar

Agreed. Sadly it seems that CPs intention is to make the meta ever faster. On a runaway train, cannot expect any improvement unfortunately.


On one side I don’t feel like I want to say anything about the expansion
because it would be negative and there’s a lot of people here in the
forum that only want to read good news and telling how fine everything
is. On the other side I really like to tell the world how sad I am CP
handles Magmar.

As long as it’s constructive and not aimles rambling, I’d be glad to hear your thoughts on the expansion. You should never feel you can’t share your views as long as they’re trying to share a point of view and not just rant aimlessly.

I’m pretty much in agreement with your assesment so far, for what it’s worth.


Yeah. I think so, too. But they make so much cards unplayable with this swift (not only talking of Magmar this time).

Thanx! But not at this time - and not in this thread.


After playing a game just awhile ago I am convinced that Dreadnaught should be a 2/3.I know thats not going to happen but every single game where you can get a dreadnaught out early good stuff happens.

I just played against Swarm Abyss and I got a dreadnaught out,Then I got off a chrysalis burst in which another dreadnaught hatched from a egg.And for the rest game I hade 4/5 eggs on the board.I had 2 rex on the board being useless but stuck to board because they kept become 4/5 eggs.

I don’t get the point of something that protect eggs and it only happens at 6 cost


And maaaaybe a create minion with Dreadnaught’s current effect and change Dreadnaught into late-game control finisher that it should have been! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
[My hopes and dreams]

I just want to play a real control deck… :sob:

EDIT: Added my Green dinosaur tears.


I thought Dreadnaught had frenzy when i first saw the sprite :cry:
As far as control mag goes, all the devs need to do is revert plasma storm to 4 mana and spirit harvester back to dealing 2 damage per turn :smiling_imp: THERE SHALL BE NO BOARD