State of Lyonar [Post Shimzar]


Hi all,

I just wanted to start a discussion regarding Lyonar. I feel like the expansion didn’t really add much to the faction, if you know what I mean. There was no aspect that was focused, it felt like everything got a little bump.

With that being said, how are we all playing Lyonar these days?

Discuss away,


Zoo Decks in general became much more viable in Shimzar i think (see that one decklist a guy posted) , simply due to how easy battle pets are to get in hand and how cheap they are. That being said, Healyonar also seems like a force to be reckoned with now with the alteration of Zirans BBS and with Lancer and stuff.


Idk man. I don’t plan on trying out lyonar for a bit, but a cycling 2 drop amazing pseudo-cycle 1 mana spell, out-of-hand ironcliffes, a reverse killing edge, and a self-healing artifact arent what I would call ‘a small bump.’ Also, between lucent beam and sunforge, Zir’an is another big leap to not being trash.

I will be trying something like
-fighting spirit x3
-sun wisp x3
-windblade adept x3
-azurite lion x3
-silverguard Knight x3
-saberspine tiger x3
-divine bond x3
-spelljammer x2
-afterblaze x2
-arcalyte regalia x3
-holy immolation x3
-iron heart x3
-ironcliffe guardian x3
-dawnseye x2

I expect I might end up cutting afterblaze and maybe playing around with alternates for spelljammer- maybe dioltas, not sure, but with this much cycle and a playstyle focus on burn, draw might not be super important.


I strongly disagree! We’ve seen support for Healyonar, Zealyonar and Zooyonar, and the start to a new Weapyonar archetype! So effectively 2 new archetypes, and turning 2 more viable. Giving everything a bump doesn’t do it justice, imo.

Afterglow - Healing enemy minions in a pinch to trigger effects
Fiz - Provides an additional cheap healing trigger alongside Healing Mystic
Lucent Beam - Provides control and late-game burst to Heal decks
Sunforge Lancer - Turns Zir’an into a damage dealing dervish of death at the otherwise anemic 3 mana slot

Afterblaze - Buff + cantrip for Adepts & Knights!
Sky Burial - A single-target Decimate
Solarius - Refuel
Sky Phalanx - Do I need to say it?

Slo - A free opening body that controls Mana Spring access
Fighting Spirit - Obligatory Battle Pet support perfect for a Zoo deck
Sun Wisp - Supports Slo so you can open up with 2 minions for 2 Mana while maintaining hand size

Dawn’s Eye - This card is the beginning of a Lyonar deck that revolves around equipping Artifacts to beat down hard with your General.

Radiant Dragoon - Just a strong 3-drop, presumably for control decks
Ironcliffe Heart - Only for the most cancerous of Lyonar DB decks :wink:


Great breakdown for archetypes. Thanks!


Healyonar got a big buff with Lucent beam and Sunforge lancer, and sky phalanx is an all around amazing control card. Also Dawn’s eye is bae.

EDIT: I forgot the mention MY MAIN MAN RADIANT DRAGOOOOOOOOOON! I honestly think this is my favourite MINION from the expansion, if not my favourite card, it’s got great art, great stats, great effect, it’s just majestic.