Starting a new faction :3


Hi everyone,

I am a main vetruvian, and seeing my current situation i’m pretty happy with the cards i have.

So i was thinking to ask the community what decks are actually “easy” (lower spirit cost, more basic rarity cards, or whatever) to make and can reach s-rank.
Please don’t include the new magmar burn and songhai as i don’t like their playstyle (i made a reva semi-spellhai and it worked pretty good, just, it’s not fun imo, magmar burn is probably the next target for nerf as i see a lot of people complain about it soo…siphon nerf…all over again…no).
As it is now, i think abyssian, the swarming style looks similar to vet’s (i run obelisk zirix) and when i find variax it’ll be very easy to start making a budget version.

In a few words: what is right now the best faction to start? (Given only all the basic cards and the bloodborn expansion)


Lyonar is always a good choice tempo or divine bond variant. For ease of access and ease of learning curve.


Yeah, Lyonar’s your best bet. Argeon specifically. The only ‘necessary’ card is Holy Immo, you don’t even need Azurite Lions or Ironcliffes if you don’t want. Legendaries aren’t necessary either.

If you wanna go with Ziran you need Lancers and more, tho.

Vanar is decent but depends on what kind of deck you make, could be extremely expensive.

Abyssian is same, lots of costly cards like DFC and Revenant but if you’re building a Variax deck you don’t always need them.


Agreed most of lyonars core cards are already in the set windblade azurite lions sunbloom silverguard knight ironcliffe divine bond saberspine tigers. The only thing i would add is dioltas and or sunsteel defender for your 4 drop get some holy immos and if you can. And if you want ive found scintilla trinity oath prism barrier and draining wave are good cards for this expan to try and fit in. :slight_smile:


Here’s my Lyonar decks if you’re looking for somewhere to start, or wondering what a typical deck looks like.

[details=Pre Expansion Deck]

This is what I used before the expansion. Extremely consistent, gameplay is simple. Control the board and keep the enemy general in provoke, play on tempo if possible. Pretty cheap, all expensive things can be replaced except Holy Immo, and this deck really doesn’t have a bad matchup.
Dioltas is a great card, especially in Lyonar, but I’ve considered replacing it. Sunsteel is fine as the only 4 drop. Grincher is in there just because he’s super fun in Lyonar and if you can combo with Arclyte life is super good.[/details]

[details=Rise of the Bloodborn Deck]

For the record, this deck is nearly completely stolen from the forums, but it’s hella fun. It’s more midrange so it plays far differently from the previous deck, but it’s a blast and just as cheap. As you can see, Holy Immo is just an autopick…

I’ve been looking for replacements for Bloodtear, but haven’t found one, and a replacement for Night Watcher, but it’s a solid body forcefield that cucks Magmar. I replace it a lot but when it’s tech is useful, it’s game changing.[/details]

I’m working on a Prism Barrier Arcanyst deck, but it’s still rough around the edges :wink:

New to Lyonar, need help on a deck

Thanks guys, i really appreciate the help :smile:


I’m surprised no one mentioned Vanar yet. A budget Faie can work really well with the right tools (on mobile, so I can’t give you a direct link to one). Besides that, bond Argeon is also a very budget-friendly deck (thanks to divine bond)


I agree. Vanar has a lot of cheap tools as well, as long as you forgo things like wall decks with Winter’s Wake and Gravity Well. Most popular cards are rare or below.


Prism Barrier cast on my Prismatic Prismatic Illusionist, surrounded by his Prismatic Illusions


Meme thread bro


great, now I am contractually obligated to craft Prismatic Prism Barrier to put on the prismatic prismatic illusionist’s illusion from prismatic prismatic illusionist:


Lyonar are good for budget, you don’t need many epics and little to no legendaries (depends on your play style)

Variax lilith is pretty OP, much stronger than burn magmar in my opinion. really would expect it to be nerfed in the midseason patch. It doesn’t require much cards, kaleinos are only legendaries you need there besides variax and they aren’t exactly legendaries.
You have atleast 2 weeks to abuse it pre nerf, maybe even more if they don’t nerf it enough.

Magmar seem to be quite cheap not nessesarily burn magmar.

Vanar fae might be good as well, haven’t played myself but seems pretty strong. Might be able to win against abyssians, atleast seen such claims.


God, it’s like reading the Brian Kibler chants in the YouTube comment sections again.


Wow, I cant believe I did not even think of that. I have however gotten an Aeigis Reflector on my prismatic dude before which looks pretty awesome. Prophet of the White Palm uses the same particles and that junk looks AWESOME with a crowded board

On a side note, I wish Prismatic Spells had a cooler effect.


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