Starter Bundle vanishing



I wanted to buy the Starter Bundle (10 orbs for 10$). After checking out the payment options (including Paypal) and going back, the offer vanished. Is this intended? Is there a way to restore it? I am still interested in buying it.


Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. go to armory
  2. “starter bundle”
  3. “check out with paypal”
  4. then go back

Edit: solved.


This is a known issue since otherwise people were buying the bundle multiple times. Reach out to customer support and if you’ve purchased the regular $10 pack, we can credit you the extra orbs as a one time offer.


Thank you for the fast answer. But now I have an even more basic question: How do I contact costumer support?
I tried:

  1. Website -> Support -> “Contact Support”: the button does not do anything for me
  2. ingame -> “need help?” or “?Report a Bug/support”: on “next” I get a frozen loading screen (I tried twice and waited at least ~2min)
  3. Forum -> Technical Support: hello!

Edit: ok, I got it. The problem in 1. was just my adblocker and in my browser I do not get the frozen loading screen.


Might be a browser extension blocking it? There should be a support popup:


You are correct. As mentioned in the edit yesterday, that was indeed the problem in the browser version. I am not quite sure why, but it also works ingame for me now.

Thanks a lot.