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Starhorns Endless Anger

with a meme i had lying around before vanishing into the void

the idea is to get as many angry okkadoks as possible
and a fun bug you might notice when you use fractal replication on an okkadok
is that it keeps the anger buff the original had and then gets its own new anger buff on top of that

Decimus and vindicator act as fractal targets and alternate win conditions while the replicant makes for a good mirrorrim target for keeping a healthy board for no hand reduction, but works as a deck thinner normally.

The progenitor is there for extra memes but is extremely hard to actually use and can be replaced with a third vindicator for consistency. the reverse is also possible for maximum meme-age


This post makes me really ANGRY!!! :rage::rage::rage:

You may be surprised to know that this is no bug. The clones made from fractal replication adopt all of the modifiers of the target, meaning your clones will be extra enraged.
Now, I haven’t looked at this in a while, so I’m unsure if the second clone only copies buffs from the original, or if it gets the original’s buffs + the buffs from the first clone. I guess it’s a matter of when the clones are considered “summoned”.

I’ve never seen Mitotic Induction in a deck like this. Could you enlighten me with your angry thoughts? I can imagine using a hatch card like Wild Inceptor or Egg Morph to create the angriest burst this universe has ever known!

Also welcome back. :grinning:


I used my usual deckbuilding tactic of starting with the auto-includes, then throwing as much stuff as i possibly can that does the one thing i’m trying to do. making as many angry okkadoks as possible.

and i realized it wasn’t a bug as i was writing the line after calling it a bug.

what would you suggest removing to make room for the egg hatchers? greater fortitude is the only thing that comes to mind that’s easily removed.


I’m right there with you on deck building. “What are the auto-includes?” “What promotes my game plan?” Makes a lot of sense.

Looking at your deck, yeah, maybe the greater fortitudes could be swapped. If not those, maybe the entropic gazes, but they’re deck thinners and they beef up your vindicators. Could be helpful.

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egg morphs would probably be a better addition than wild inceptor due to the lack of removal in the deck and the relative low number of egg producers in this deck


Hello again. Nice to see ya!

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You should put it up on www.duelspot.com :smiley:

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i had no idea that existed

this deck is now posted there (with the egg morph swapperoo)


I thought that it could be new to you :smiley:

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I would love to see a hybrid deck with this and hatefurnace. That would be some proper angerey birbs.