Starhorn Riddle Ramp


Hi all - first time posting. I go by Mystique in Duelyst. Not S-Rank player, I hover in Diamond in ranked (messing around with janky deck… haha) and play gauntlet mostly.

Anyway, here is another decklist for fun. People been bashing starhorn. Or wondering what to do with the riddle of the sphinx. Or playing Kron too much.

I present to you. The anti-Meta. Starhorn Riddle Ramp.

Of course, not the most top-tier deck. But can go up to diamond - currently at rank 3 (then again, most deck can). But it can be FUN, throwing riddle around, getting free creatures from rawr and khymera. Burning the opponent deck while drawing. Laughing all alone in front of the computer imagining the anguish of my opponent. Muahaha (perhaps not… but anyway).

Some rationale on the deck:
Why Starhorn? Because he is cool. But also because this deck empty the hand quite fast with Kujata, Flash Reincarnation, Mandrake.

Why Sphynx? Just as an experiment - it may not work that well against cheap aggro - but against the right deck and if you can get it early, it really mess up the math.

Other Thought? Try to get as much two or more for one card. Hence the lone Sunset Paragon - it is a pseudo Makantor.

Flex Slot? Shiro Puppydragon is pretty flexible. Instead of going Sphynx and Blaze Hound, you may want to try vindicator.

Enjoy - Tell me what are your thoughts.

Any pointers on my Lyonar deck?

i just made a meme mill deck kind of like this one. its doing surpisingly well against non-aggro decks

too bad i only have 1 sphynx and 1 kujata, no khymeras or rawrs

nearly every time i played a mindwarper i get the riddle back. then i send it right back to them. then they have to deal with 2 riddles. its hilarious until they send them back to me


Think twice about Sphynx. Sometimes you’re shooting your own foot when the riddle bounces back to you. I remember including Sphynx in my Control Sajj deck because I feel like trying the riddle thingy out. Turns out that the riddle hurts myself more than my opponent, because all my cards are too high costed such that I can’t afford tossing back riddle + playing another card on the same turn.

Anyways, it may be different with Starhorn.If your hand is relatively low-costed, the riddle returned to you probably won’t hurt as much as it would to a clunky, greedy deck.


Spelljammers? Could keep your hand full after a Sphinx drop so that riddle doesn’t bounce back, unless you intend for it to bounce back. A songhai Sphinx meme deck is on my to experiment list, a bounced riddle spell = value for songhai? Can be vortexed,:grinning:blood mask, or fuel owlbeast.


Yes, the sphynx is a hit and miss. But, it can work - and it is fun.
And I enjoy the challenge of trying to make Starhorn / Sphynx work out.

I did consider running Elucidator instead in that slot. Seems reasonable.

As for spelljammer, yep - I think it can replace blaze hound, maybe I can check it out.


I think blaze hound still has it place in the deck along Spelljammers, blaze hound gives value when opponent is denied a card from a full hand(hopefully coz riddle). Players with riddle will have a hard time dropping 2 cards a turn if they are also spending mana to get rid of riddle, unless for low curve decks which can choose to ignore riddle in hand and spam their low cost cards.

Eg: opponent has 5 cards, your turn with kujata on board, 6 mana = Sphinx > blaze hound > BBS

Side note: so jelly of your 3x rawr, I still need one more for zukong pet deck


I can’t remember who, but I went against someone who played Archon spellbinder, into Fractal replication, into Double Sphinx. I know that this combo is way too hard to pull, but it was quite cool. Perhaps Sphinx could find a place into a more controlling spellhai, where you benifit from having to play a 2 mana spell that does nothing.


I’ve reached S rank with Sphynx Starhorn last week, from my personal experience you probably want to run 3 Sphynx. I understand 4-cost is crammed, but Sphynx is a card you either run 3x or don’t run at all just becuase how riddles work.


I’ve actually played against some form of sphynx starhorn today and I just can’t figure out what’s the idea behind the interaction. It’s like, woah, you’re giving me a riddle which makes me not be able to replace cards but then you use BBS and draw extra cards for me giving me more options so I don’t even need to replace. And if I discard a card it’s usually a good thing for me because I get to the good cards I need faster. Sure, it makes playing Kron a bit of a pain in the ass but that’s about it.


Changed the deck a bit. Add 2 Elucidator and Ephemeral Shroud. Took out the Sunset Paragon and Blaze Hound.

It is a bit tricky to play it think - as you said you are blocking 2 mana but the draw alleviate that. I find sphynx is best played to make their hand full then you BBS draw while they mill away - or give the sphynx when your hand is full (so it get milled away).

Other than that, the deck mana saver help when you need to bounce riddle around, mandrake is often free (and the extra draw help you find it). And Makantor - well, he is always good when you top-deck him.

Efreeti, is your list similar? Any key difference? I am actually thinking of putting the 3rd sphynx in… when he does his magic… he seems quite good (or at least fun).


Interesting idea. Never thought the riddle can’t get back when you have a full hand.
Too bad I don’t have enough copies to try :sob:


You are right mostly use BBS when your opponent cannot draw due to riddles. If you manage to give opponent 2 riddles it’s basically like death sentence. Taking this deck to today’s duelyst open so far it’s doing pretty good.


Nice… except for the 3 vindicator and the extra sphynx… i have all the card. Seems like you are shooting more for aggro than combo… Probably better I guess.


What about running some arcanysts as well to take advantage of the spell synergy bouncing riddles provide? I.e. prysmatic illusionist, owlbeast sage, and archon spellbinder. Making the oppoenet’s riddles cost 3 mana makes it so that they are behind one mana of tempo for each riddle they try to get rid of.

The problem I could see with such a theoretical arcanyst focus is that the mana curve is raised rather insanely high (since archanyst require comboing to get value). So that the dream is hard to pull off per se. Just a thought of mine. I am glad that sphynx is being tested since it is such an interesting card.


the 3 vindicator are not that important, most of the time they function as a removal bait for Kron.


Has anyone tried out visionar in this type of list? With both players drawing from starhorn, blazehound, and maybe spelljammer it seems like it could work pretty well.


Visionar also activates on casting riddles, adding cards to your hand like L’Kian, Lantern Fox, etc.
I run 3 copies of it in my Drawmar deck.


you sure about that? riddles working on Visionar?

AFAIK riddles is not a draw card mechanic and won’t trigger Vindicator’s ability.


Visionar is indeed good card, but Kron is too good right now.

It’s pretty ironic that a neutral Kron is better than faction specific Visionar, even with full draw card synergy.


Visionar activates on any added card, even if you cast a riddle and your opponent’s hand is full and it gets discarded. The card text is not entirely correct.