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Starhorn replace/draw deck idea


I know that Decimus spikes is a combo talked about a lot so I tried to make a deck that plays with that idea and expands upon it.
PS: im new be nice


Add some Flash :boom:


what should i take out

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Consider the following


hmm i see i like some of your additions like makantor, flash and fortitude if you cant get the combos that this deck thirst for and the only thing i really disagree with is the silithar, the rest of the changes i feel neutral about i could really go either way.

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You would cut mystic before silithar. And please do not suggest araras. Only noobs run araras.

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The basic idea is spikes is a flexible package so you can design your deck to be just faster/slower than the meta, depending on what you need. Replace typically tries to go over the opponent while vindicator+haruspex tries to go under so including both is kind of weird.


this deck is just mainly just trying to get combos with card effects, it seems odd at first but it works really well with each other even if you only get one combo it can get you ahead with a strong back line.

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But it has potential—


Oh, dammit. So close to Rokhai. Not again…

I want to play it!


Replace decks are fun! I wrote up a post recently on the replace archetype that included this sample Magmar list:

I’m a fan of including Theobule in these decks to allow for a combo finish, and this deck pushes it to an extreme, being essentially an all-in combo build. Looking back at it, cutting Lavaslasher for a random 2-drop would almost certainly make the deck better (and Crusader is just there for the memes), but the general idea stands: accelerate out your payoff minions (Wings, Widow, Kron); ideally duplicate them with Progenitor; then win with Theobule. Magmar has some of the best support for a replace deck with amazing draw power and mana acceleration, and Decispikes is a nice game-ending followup to the combo turn with Wings or Widow.


i have been messing with the deck and adding thumping wave as a removal and or using it to combo with wings of paradise is actually a lot better then i could have ever thought the 10 plus burst damage is really good especially because wing of paradise is slept on and doesn’t usually get answered fast.

PS: I love the replace centered deck you have made almost all the cards you used in your deck were consider in mine and its cool to see the differences

PS part two: sorry that are decks are so similar im not trying to steal your ideas :cry:

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