Starhorn Magmar deck


Can this Magmar deck win the game?


Memey AF.
RIP constructive criticism.
Don’t worry, there will be people that actually try to help you, I just don’t know how to rework this, it’s such a meme…


If you like to try a memey Battle Pet deck with Visionar you can try something like this (it’s from GrincherZ):


Yes, this deck can indeed win games. About can it win “the game” ie Duelyst as whole, it depends on what we set the goal to be for that achievement to count. I’d say finishing in top25 S-rank with this deck is far fetched enough to say how you won Duelyst.


I’ll let the lizard mains take the deep look at this, from my perspective, you need more draw engines, look till you hit turn 7 you probably gonna use your bbs 3 times.
The way your deck looking seems like you’ll hold off the early game and burst in the late.

The problem is that turn 5-6 is usually where the dig minions in other factions coming out, on turn 7 you’ll probably be so deep in holding off dmg. It will mass the whole purpose of the deck.

You need to pressure the early game and then pressure some more, in between gotta draw some dispels from the opponent for a clean visionary.

I would say - draw engine, things like white widow to punish for drawing on the opposing side, and some stable early game units for board.
Ohh and mak. War beast, staple in


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