Starhorn Burst, A Tale of Evolution: In-depth Deck Guide


I’ve just released a very in-depth guide on “Anti-anti Aggro Starhorn Decimus Burn,” which you can find here:

The list isn’t revolutionary, but that’s the entire point, this is a refinement of Starhorn Decimus Spike lists to dealing with a meta which finally includes enough anti-aggro tools. I outline my thought process in how I counter these counter-techs, and also go in-depth on how to play the list.

Hope you enjoy the list and the fast climb with good win-rate it allows before the month’s over!


thank you


Great write up.It is interesting to see the thought process behind deckbuilding.My current Starhorn build is kinda similiar I first started trying to make a mill deck so i had spell jammers in the first version the after failing couple of times at the mill build and couple tweaks I came around to this

I guess most starhorn are going to be pretty similar but it is nice see to I “accidently” ran into something that kinda works and explains why i was having some success with the deck.I love Vindicator in this deck because always draws removal which makes your Decimus more likely to stick around.

In seeing your list I think I can take out the 2 Iron Clad(which never did anything),1 Plasma Storm and maybe a blazehound or lightbender and add in 2 thumping wave and 2 tigers and that should make my list better while keeping the elements that i like the Vindicator/Blaze hound duo.


I used to have 3 Vindicators in my old list, as you see. The problem is that I had to play it safely and half the time by the time it got to do anything it ate a removal. And having to combo it with stuff that was better saved for Decimus actually hurt the list - compare Flash Vindicator Spikes to Flash Decimus Spikes, Vindicator leaves a big body on the board, but if it’s dispelled you got nothing done, and your following Decimus that is less likely to eat removal is weaker due to having one less Spikes to combo it with.

The other issue with Vindicator is that you’re spending a turn or two on setting things up around 4-5 mana, when you’re better off starting to get their health lower so one of your numerous combos could outright kill them.

I really like Vindicator, but I’d mostly run it in a list with many more removal targets. Ironclad is one of the worse cards in the game, I’d definitely not recommend running it.


You make good points but usually it is the bbs,Blazehound or gaze that i use to combo with Vindicator,I might use spikes if Vindicator some how makes it a turn with removal use on it. Your point is well taken tho I will test it some more see how it works for me but so far I have really like the vindicator.

The Iron clad was me with a open spot and me seeing it my collection and trying it out and yeah it was useless,I am adding tigers instead of them.


For those who wonder, in this deck, at least for the time being, I wouldn’t replace Entropic Gaze with anything.

What about Flameblood Warlock, which is the next best thing? Well, Earth Spheres helps with that, but the biggest issue with it right now is its 1 HP.


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