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With mobile on its way and newbies who maybe looking for assistance, I thought it’d be good for the more experienced players (not me haha) to chime in for us to provide a compilation of staples for each faction.

Anyone knowledgeable and willing to contribute is appreciated. Any additions will likely be added and edited in to this post for ease of readers in the future.

Faction Staples for New Players
Faction Staples for Newer Players (Updated 12/24/17)
List of Faction Staples, Mythron Edition (Last Updated 4/15)


Staples (you should have a good reason not to have these):
Makantor Warbeast
Thumping Wave
Plasma Storm
Natural Selection
Young Silithar

Also good (can be staple depending on deck type):
Flash Reincarnation
Egg Morph
Entropic Gaze
Tectonic Spikes


Spectral Revenant is the only all encompassing faction staple. Kelaino is often one as well.

Swarm Staples: Furosa, Bloodmoon Priestess, Deathfire Crescendo. Often Zyx, Cryptographer, Soulshatter Grimwar, Shadowdancer.

Creep Staples: Abyssal Crawler, Sphere of Darkness, Ooz, Punish, Demonic Lure, Abyssal Juggernaut, Obliterate.

The only Neutral cards on this list are Cryptographer and Zyx.[/details]

You know what @seraphicreaper, I think I might just make another post with all staples in the original post, and edit them as more experienced players offer their opinions on factions I’m less practiced with.


Some Neutrals:
Draw: Spelljammer, L’kian, Sojourner, Blaze Hound
Heal: Healing Mystic, Azure Herald
Swarm/Zoo: Zyx, Shiro Puppydragon, Grailmaster
Aggro: Flameblood Warlock, Araki Headhunter, Saberspine Tiger
Artifact: Grincher, Grove Lion
Spell: Alcuin Loremaster, Abjudicator, Owlbeast Sage
Dispell: Ephemeral Shoud, Lightbender
Wincons: Jax Truesight, Meltdown, Pandora, Dark Nemesis
Misc.: Bloodtear Alchemist, Cryptographer, Primus Fist, Primus Shieldmaster, Dioltas, Sunsteel Defender, Dancing Blades, Bonereaper
Tech: Crossbones, Blistering Skorn, Hollow Grovekeeper, Sunset Paragon


Staples (Good in every deck)
Scion’s First Wish
Aymara Healer
Pax(Can be removed in non dervish decks, but those are the most viable lists so it’s pretty much used in every competitive vet deck.)
Nosh-Rak? (It’s in 80% of all Vet decks I’ve seen, but I have no idea whether that’s just them testing new things or it’s that good.)

Niche Staples:
Fireblaze Obelisk/ Ethereal Obelisk(Obelisk)
Whisper of the Sands(Obelisks)
Wildfire Ankh(Sajj)
Autarch’s Gift? (Sajj)
Edit: Star’s Fury(Obelisk)


Star’s Fury? (Can’t mention Allomancer w/o Stars Fury)
Mayyyybe Dominate Will could get a mention?


If you want to be the one to prep up a staples page, I’d be more than glad to have you go at it :slight_smile:

Just thought we should provide something to assist new players (reminiscent of card crafting mistakes haha)


Absolutely, and I’ll link this page for sure. I just thought it might be good to take all of the comments below and compile them into one large reference page :slight_smile:


That’s what I was considering. No need to link if we’ll provide the reference page elsewhere :slight_smile: Thanks; figured it best to help those who come here who struggle in game, as we all have at some point or another :slight_smile:


Yeah you’re right, Star’s Fury should be on the list, my bad. As for Dominate Will, I consider it a tech option. When the meta doesn’t run big minions Dominate Will is very lackluster.


How’s this list look?


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