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Spoiler Season 06 | Week One, Day 3 - Scarzig

Songhai will try to abuse this minion. The best use of it is in the mid- to lategame though, when you are able to potentially IF+MdS it in position. As the transformed minion has Celerity you also get a guaranteed second attack in, which buffs your board.
I can see this in a board centric Songhai deck that revolves around minion movement.

It will however have a hard time against Solo decks, Keeper decks and magmar

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Swarm Hai finally becoming viable, heh?


even the new legendary implies a push…

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I think Vetruvian might get mileage out of him. between 1st and 2nd wish there is also kinematic projection which would make sure it lives cause theres no counterattack. Only thing im worried about is that the feathered knight cant move too and still has blast, but i doubt it. it gets transformed afterall.

Exactly, after the transfor any buff or debuff will be lost.

I still doubt that it will survive long enough in Vet…

Wow, I never thought about Projection. Vetruvian has Astral Phasing as well.

Vetruvian also has Blinding scorch :stuck_out_tongue:

yea but we need good cards in our deck too xD

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it only has to live one turn i guess. as in other faction besides songhai too


Yes… Just one turn…


jokes on you they rotate lucent beam out.


…Duelyst disco ball…:sirpenti:


Best comment ever


as well as Lava Lance, Obliterate and Inhorn Gaze

there might be more

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there is double metamorphosis…
and Upper hand is missing

much better now

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Jizz this is bright!!

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Guys, these things are so stupidly fun that it’s a joy to browse the forums these days! XD


Wait, this is a real card ? It looks stupidly strong, even if filling the condition isn’t that easy, it doesn’t seem too hard either. I’m not ready for this.

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Fulfilling the condition on this thing is not gonna be easy, unless you’re Songhai and they’re Lilithe and you can wake it up and kill a wraithling with it. Outside of that specific matchup, it’s gonna be really tough, since they’ll generally do what they have to to make sure it dies before it ever gets to act.

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