Spirit orbs or Shimzar orbs?



I’m just a F2P player so I’m not sure if I should spend my gold on Spirits or Shimzars.

Based on experience since the patch, what do you guys recommend?

Newbie here so learning a thing or two.


It depends on your collection: If you lack core cards for certain factions i.e. Holy Immolation, Aymara Healer, Makantor Warbeast, Spectral Revenant etc. go for Spirit Orbs. If you have 1/2 copies of them you can open some Shimzar Orbs and a Spirit Orb from time to time to balance and slowly build up your collection.

This would be my take if I was a relatively new player :slight_smile:


As a general rule for these kind of card games you’ll want the core set first. IMO the average power level of Shimzar cards are higher, but there are more ‘staple’ cards in the core set. I’m also fairly certain that the Legendary drop rate for Shimzar is lower than the core set.

Assuming you don’t have close to a full core collection, I’d go for the core set if nothing else but the fact that you get more spirit value per orb.


For every 4 core orbs u buy, buy 1 shizmar orb


As a new player, buy core.


Thanks guys! Will do the for every 4 core orbs or 5, Ill buy 1 shimzar. I lack Faction specific cards so this clears things up.