Spirit Orb Value or how to choose between core set and Shimzar


The real value of an orb depends on your collection state.

As an example when you open an orb and get a legendary :

  • if you already have 3 copies of it, it is worth 350 spirits
  • if you don’t, it is worth 900 spirits !!
    From that statement, I made a google sheet that calculates orb value for the core set and Shimzar set.

If you have no cards :

  • an orb of the core set is worth 637 spirits
  • Shimzar 595 spirits
    So, you should spend your gold in the core set !!

Don’t forget that I speak about “spirit value” (In a collectioner way) and not of “card value”. (I’ll release a sheet later)
We’ll see in the next weeks if Shimzar cards are really better than the core set.

The link : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eO2-a5iI2QTU27PCgxTBpb0PO3OgiRu9A97lZKkAd5Q/edit?usp=sharing
You have to count your missing cards and fill the yellow cells.
As an example, If you own 1 Aymara, you should count 2 missing legendaries.

NB :

  • drop rate comes from tundranocaps
  • Prismatic cards are disenchanted in the calculation



Assuming you have proportionally the same collection size for shim’zar and for the core set , core set orbs are better simply because the drop rate of prismastaic/legendaries/epic is roughly 20% higher.


Thanks so much!!


I get your formula with the 350/900 spirit. But do you have a hint what I can do when I don’t have a card (or 1 or two copies of it) but I don’t need or want a second or third? This scenario should affect the - let’s call it - “virtual” orb value…


The data collected showed an average spirit value difference of 12% between core and shimzar, which is a fair bit more than the difference you are showing between 595 and 637.

It is definitely important to take into account the value of getting cards you don’t have versus ones you do.


I did not do the math, but i’d guess that the difference comes from the fact that the poster uses the craft value rather than the disenchant value.

Nvm, just looked into the formulas a bit lol.

He does take that into account, doesn’t he? (i might be stupid, asking for real)

You add one to cards that you have for each copy of a card you don’t want. (since you are going to disenchant them, even though you don’t have them). Or lower the number of missing cards by one for that matter.


No. I meant if I have 1 Rook so I have to put in “2 missing” in the table. But I don’t want 3 Rook - so the value of them for me is only 350 even if I miss 2 of them. The table would count them as 900 value.
Just an example.


As i said, just lower the number of cards missing by one for each copy of a card you don’t want. If i for example was missing 100 Legendaries, but only want 2 Hexblades and 2 Time Maelstroms anymore, to get my ‘personal’ value, I’d need to type in 4 missing legendaries.


Seems logical. Things can be really easy sometimes. :grinning:


If you don’t want a card, it’s like you will disenchant that card, so just consider you already have all copies of that card.


I use both value : craft and DE.

If you have 20 legendaries out of 186, the value given by legendary is :
[(20/186 * 350 ) +( 166/186 * 900) ]* legend drop rate.


That’s because these values assume you have none of the cards, and the crafting value of cards relative to their DE value go lower the higher in rarity. So having less legendaries/epics and more rares shifts the difference down from the DE discrepancy (12%) to roughly 7%, when crafting, in his scenario.

I might do the math later while actually including prismatics, to see the “crafting value” of an orb in each set. But I’m tired now.


I am not sure to understand but I calculated the orb value with prismatic cards.

And if you want a minimum value for orbs, you just need to fill my sheet like you don’t miss anything.