Spirit imbalances between factions


I never put much thought into it until my friends who are new to the game were mentioning it… that I realised that how big of a difference there is for factions to get effective. Some factions are so much more expensive in terms of spirit to start becoming viable at a high level.

Will developers actually start to consider this when giving the rarity to the cards in the near future? It doesn’t really affect gameplay tbh. And I pretty much “completed” my Abyssian decklist so I don’t have much to complain about.

It just seems weird that the gap between the factions are kind of big.


Oh, i am sure they are going to fix it. But they will do so by making every new key card they release for any faction a legend until all factions require 10+ legends to be effective. They already made a big step towards this with Shimzar and there is a general trend going on for a while now where they make budget decks unviable and or reduce droprates/gold earning to force people to spend more money on the game. The generosity that made Duelyst so worthwile isn’t going to last.


Examples? It sounds like you are talking out of your rear.


Different factions have very different play styles, so I think the issue is partially inherent to this. The point is that it is easier to release control-oriented legendaries rather than aggro-oriented ones without making the game more “pay to win”.

To be honest, there are plenty of nice decks which can be built with limited spirit. I think the only decks which are really expensive are slower Vetruvian decks and shadow creep decks. Can you make your complaints more precise? If the issue is in the will of having full deck variety without spending money or time in the game, I think there is something wrong with the expectations.


Well the prime examples are Cass and Kara. Both used to be excellent budget generals, now they require a shitload of legs to work. Sajj is in a similar boat, yes she got a boost with shimzar, but she also needs a shitload of legs. At the same time they reduced the drop rates for Shimzar compared to the core set, and i wouldn’t be suprised if the next expansion had even lower rates. They also cut the value of the welcome back quest in half. And in both cases they “forgot” to mention it in the patch notes. There have been far to many changes within the last 2 months that all head into the same direction to call it a coincidence.

Pylons made a pretty good post about this about week ago on reddit, https://www.reddit.com/r/duelyst/comments/5bme8a/is_the_game_dying/ the steamrelease fell flat, the steam user numbers are on a constant decline, and judging by all the complaining here and on reddit because of the shitty balance and CPs unwillingnes or inability to fix it, its most likely not just the steam usage thats declining. The game is dying, and CP is trying to get as much money out of it as possible before its dead.


The Welcome Back quest they actually didn’t even have to add in the first place. Besides, if you are getting substantial Gold from the Welcome Back quest, then you are probably not making enough Gold for cutting your Gold income to matter that much anyway. I think that change has more to do with making players play more regularly than reducing their income. =S

I think that one month of Songhai dominance has hurt them a lot more than four months of Kara dominance, simply because high love/hate mechanics like extreme combo RNG or one-way interactivity at the top gets players to quit like nothing else, but c’mon, the Welcome Back quest? The big problems which have people quiting are still balance issues: Low card variety/few options and the wrong mechanics at the top are the big problems which get people to quit.


I am not saying that the wb quest was a big deal or something, it’s just one thing among many others that added up and they all point into the same direction.


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