Spirit from rare disenchants went down?


I went to disenchant a couple rares and got 20 spirit from them rather than the 40 I was getting yesterday. Am I crazy or did disenchanting rares just become worse?


It has always been 20. IDK what you DE’d but it wasn’t a rare. More like a prismatic common.


Huh I’m kinda surprised by this too, used to think that spirit from legendary is enough to craft epic, from epic - to craft rare and rare - common. But maybe I just don’t pay attention on those rares being disenchanted in one click.


this was true i think they did go down


Nope, was always like that, the minimum orb value is 60 spirit, which is 4*10 from the commons and 20 from a rare.


Rare has always be 20 spirits, to the best of my knowledge. Maybe you disenchanted two of them without noticing?


Right, I thought it was 10 - 40 - 100 - 350 - 900. And each card disenchanted at one step down.


Well, it is not. I do not think it was ever addressed exactly why rares have a bad conversion rate compared to everything else.


It’s because when you open spirit orbs you are GUARANTEED a rare (or better). And no, 20 spirit was always the DE value for non-prismatic rares.


Question resolved. Closing.