Spellstorm Vetruvian


So, after making the Abyssian removal deck that I didn’t actually play myself, I decided to make a deck that I could actually use. Inspiration comes from @ryousen:

Except that I took “almost” all spells all the way to ALL spells, and there are many ways to win here:


Here is a replay of this deck beating Trial Abyssian in an epic showdown: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LMHYwiLoclP9yWQ0Qs2

Originally I played the deck with Ciphyron until I realized that he was useless, so I switched to Zirix. Do you think Sajj would be better for this? And I’m guessing that having Lost in the Desert would be helpful, but is that still a good card for other decks nowdays? And which card would I replace? (Blindscorch seems obvious, but that spell did save me in the above game…)


Hehe, I like this one, it can actually win :slight_smile:

I don’t think LitD will be like VERY useful, cause the opponent will probably have lots of minions. But your list could use 2 just in case. I also think more star furies are needed.

I’m surprised you found Cyph useless, but I guess the ability to have bodies on board is just too good.


Is this some sort of Sand Vaath?


Ciph’s BBS is way more useful if you have minions who profit from it too. The 2/2 dervish often does the same thing by saving 2 hps or even more from your face.

The replay was a lot of fun :slight_smile: No minions mean bad cards for Betrayal :smiley:


Wither is trash and if you’re going to have autarch in there i’d suggest having some tears as well The tears you’ll produce while playing the deck don’t count

If you don’t want the tears then go for monolithic vision


Did you mistook Sand Trap?




Yes, it is a great card anyway. I’ll craft one more.

Yes it is, but it is also removal. Who knows, maybe it’ll save me one game?

On the off-chance that you play a 6-mana card and the artifacts survive a turn? I think not.



This deck is insanely good against Trial Maehv. https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LMJEaN-NonCX3iJbYdh

I thought so too until this game, where it came in extremely handy not once but twice! https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LMJEaN-NonCX3iJbYdh
(at the end of that one there is also an epic battle of wills)

And a win vs Strategos Brome: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LMJHgp9w8eNQnN5NUG9


Disappointed that there is no Circle of Desiccation in an all spell deck :neutral_face:.


There could be, but I don’t want to waste my spirit.


I have since added some creatures to my list, and it looks way uglier:

havent played it in a while
now I want to get back to memeing :snowchaser:

also, I want to add, sometimes spellvet counters everything the opponent does, and you get to watch the opponent gawk at the situation, like, how in the world is he winning, its just some dumb spells


Yep, experienced that a couple times already!

Oooh, I really want to try Superior Mirage in my deck. Do you recommend it?


I actually dont really like it
The illusions disappear before counterattacking, so youre only gonna get a body if the opponent has only the general and the copied monster on the board
The real deal is copying monsters you can proc or stuff with rush, but not every battle has those
Like, you can proc Scintilla easily, also Makantor, but its unlikely that Kelaino or Shadowdancer are gonna be good targets, or Sunforge Lancer

If anyone has suggestions on what to put in its place, or convince me that its good
I’ll watch the Wither replays in a few minutes to check if thats worth including

EDIT: hey, since when was Lost in the Desert nerfed to 5 damage, i dont remember this


Too bad about the Mirage (but also good because I don’t have to waste spirit)

The last expansion. And even before that, I found LitD underwhelming… maybe it is only good with Thunderhorn.

How about Circle? Is it good enough to include?


No, I actually like LitD in this, its both removal and some very needed damage
I remember casting Circle only once, and it was good, but most of the time I dont even draw it, let alone in a time Im able to cast it, so I guess I dont know


True. Might be worth replacing Blindscorch for this.

Also, how does your deck survive without Divine Spark?


I like Loreweaver because you can oftenly find it by the time you can cast it, plus the opponent wastes time removing it, which gives you an easier time to capitalize on Lost and Accumulonimbus
But Spark does sound nice when ramped, I’d consider swapping out Manaforger or Sand Trap for it


Sorry, I have a no-minion policy for my deck.


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