Spellmar Starhorn


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I am not saying it’s a good idea, but it can be fun. Currently 6-3 on S-rank, albeit on the last day of the season.

The winning conditions are basically CB, early NC, lucky MS or simply attrition and BL as a finisher.


Considering the amount of spells, why not another abjudibidudidibicator?

Also why not Vaath? His attack buff is more useful with decks with few minions.


Coool list!
Think can be super funny, as @johnbob78 said think Vaath can be a lil better, with a couple of dampening wave…


You should try out Alcuin Loremasters.


Vaath will work fine, but I am just a little tired of seeing him everywhere. In addition, the draw with Starhorn could be useful, because you are able to fill up your hand and get more value off Abjudicator. In certain situations I also don’t mind giving the opponent more cards, especially late game, when I have AOE combo ready.

3 Abjudicators are certainly possible. I think I had another version of this deck last month with -3 Mana Forgers, +1 Abjudicator, +2 Alcuins, but it didn’t do very well.