Spelljammer. Keep or not to keep?


Hi, do you mean that Spelljammer is still playable? I am new in game and I dont know if save Spelljammer for later deckbuilding or not… Than what you mean? :confused:


When a card gets changed you can disenchant it for full value for the next few days. If you disenchant Spelljamer now you’ll get 900 spirit which I recommend you do, if Spelljammer is still relevant you can always recraft it or if it’s dead you can craft another legendary.


WAIT!? WHAT!? they changed Spelljammer?


look at the patch notes. they also changed mana vortex, skorn, lantern fox,cryogenesis, and rite of the undervault.

they made spelljammer less aggro oriented with the increase in mana, but they also made it much harder to remove by buffing its stats. its a slight nerf to super fast aggro lists while buffing it slightly in flood or midrange lists.


yah, noticed those right after. I saw a person wondering if he should spirit a spelljammer. and walked in here wearing a you’re fucking crazy t-shirt ready to wield opinion like a hammer.

now i’m more reserved in that it’s still a good card at 4 drop. 3/5 is nice and the draw is still worth it. but not being able to spelljam on spellhai player 2 turn 1 may or may not suck.


lol nice imagery :smile:


Meh, I’m just disnech ating it all then let people better at the game then me figure out if any of the cards are still playable (I figure it should take about a week for people to figure out the new meta).


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