Spectating games visual bug


Desribe the issue:

When spectating games, the residual card flipping visual animation (kind of looks like bubbles) stays on the screen. The subsequent card flips layer more bubbles until the game freezes and crashes.

What’s your Phone/Model?

IPhone 6

Lingering animations

Looks like this also happens with bbs visuals


I’m also having this problem, but I’m playing a game rather than spectating.

IPhone 6


It also appears on practice matches and solo challenges

The shining lights sometimes appear after use of BBS and sometimes they don’t (in solo challenges and practice only). Lights don’t appear in player vs player, but the shining BBS (the circle encompassing the BBS counter) and odd middle sparkles do.

IPhone 6


For me, it’s happened for blood surge effects, but I haven’t done much testing.


Man, you guys got this out before I could even add it to my thread


I got dispelled and had this weird purple half-circle radiating off of my general

On another note, I don’t think i can stand the shining lights effect any longer. It both hurts my eyes and hides effects of you’re in the middle :confounded:

EDIT: There’s also a weird green bouncing aura off of my opponent’s BBS counter


IPhone 6


After more playing, the purple circle seems to be from dispel, the dots in the middle are when any card is played, the BBS glow is from Crypto, and there’s also random lights from BBS and other card animations. I dunno if I can test any further as well, the middle of the board just gets covered. Looks like it’s just particle effects that don’t go away.

Not sure if this or the white screen of death is more annoying.


I haven’t used or seen crypto and have still seen the column of white sparkly stuff, so it’s prob just from BBS usage