Speak about Battle Pet function


Today i play vs a couple of deck that already have the new cards,
i see that battle pet after they are summoned attack the first enemy near him but i don’t know if they can move and how the ranged battle pets work.
Someone could me explain this new kind of cards?


They are dumb and suicidal.
As far as i can tell, they move to the nearest enemy, and prefer cardinal directions. The same applies for ranged Pets, i.e. ranged pets are terrble. They also have the same movement restrictions as other minions. Some pets are solid, others are shitty, so yeah.


Yeah, I really hope they fix ranged battle pets. Ace is only a 1/2 for 1 as opposed to Heartseekers 1/1 for 1. You’re not getting any real difference for something that just suicides a turn or two in and you can’t even pick targets. I assume they didn’t want to make the lower cost of battle pets compound with ranged pets that hid/ran away but I think they ruined ranged pets for the moment.