Spare Humble Bundle codes


Hi I recently started playing this game and realized I was too late for the humble code giveaway. I was wondering if anyone had spares they didn’t want. Id be grateful


If you don’t have any luck here there is also a Reddit thread you could try.

I think most codes are probably gone by now, but it never hurts to ask.


Hello ! I’m going to send you my code by PM. Have fun !


ditto I’d also be grateful for a humble bundle code


Not sure if any still work, but I’d guess they all probably do.

I’m going to pull a Eudaimonia and say please use the forum’s search bar. It is there for a reason.


Those are all already used sadly


I still have a couple of unused+unposted 20-orb codes, assuming that they don’t expire with the promotion. Anybody still need 'em, raise your hand and I’ll PM you one (sent one unused + unposted 20-orb code to sosneaky, two left, guess she’ll be able to tell us whether the codes expire with the promotion removal from the Humble Bundle site or not shortly).


Raises hand Yes please. You’re awesome!


I think they’re all used, humble bundle codes must be expired, because I’m pretty sure everyone just got their own codes from the website


im new. think i missed out. would love a code. two of my friends are joining up after school i can get em to refer someone


raises hand hopefully


That’s my last unused + unposted new player 20-orb code from getting the cosmetic codes, guys.

According to xirallic the 20-orb codes still work as of a few minutes ago, if you can find unused ones from players who’ve gotten Humble Bundles for the cosmetic codes for old accounts which can’t use the 20-orb codes. There’s just no getting new codes from Humble Bundle anymore.


Do the skins add up, if I wanted to have another black KotV? If that is the case, anyone with another skin/cosmetics code?


Can get one pls, I m a new player.


Can I get one :confused: ? I m new here.


I don’t have one any more, sorry.


A friend of mine just got into the game and he asked me if I could find one of those codes.

Does anyone have one left? :confused:


All the codes were set to expire near the end of November 2016 according to the Humble Bundle promotion info, so even if there were unused codes left they wouldn’t work anymore.


@Sorostaran is right; gonna lock thread.