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Soviet Crankers for Vanar S Rankers


Greetings comrade, tis I: Josephstalin69 here with a compendium of frosty decks fresh from Soviet gulag.

Consider this thread a formal launching point for vanar deckbuilding.

My lists thus far:

edit: picture below, courtesy of your beloved motherland:

  1. Wanderer Kara

Buns of ice and thicc AF to boot, this merciless babushka is latest breakthrough in proud line of soviet engineering. Previous version of deck hit s in 63 wins, and this deck is only better.

+1/+1 wandering punches hit strong like wolf’s milk, so we at soviet gulag figured logical next step following night in with vodka: why not +2/+2? Glorious!

Deck tips:

  • early game generally has three lines of play: flood, tempo, or ramp. Key to mastering deck is knowing when to pull each.

Cards to hold for notable matchups:


  • maw
  • frostbone naga (particularly powerful vs dreamgazer starts)
  • malicious wisp (esp. as p2)
  • lightbender
  • walls


  • malicious wisp (vanar removal has nothing for it)
  • provokes (cycle bone reaper in opening hands, cycle kron if p1 and no ramp)
  • healing
  • token generators
  • focus on hand dumps to minimize power of hailstone prison, hold dispel if two turn lethal is in sight due to rising popularity of shroud.


  • chromatic cold
  • tempo OG minions
  • dispel (if arcanyst)
  • aer pridebeak, provokes, healing if mantra
  • hold 1 hard removal if aggressive mantra in anticipation of marauder. Never hit face like wimpy capitalist dog, lest fiery spells melt your siberian winter
  • cloudcaller is particularly powerful if playing as p2 vs kaleos. Always position around flamewreath and painter. Mulligan hard for removal and dispel as p2; scroll bandit seizes our means of production.


  • any wall, any provoke.
  • position around random silhouette tracer and you should win if you be russian dat wanderer out (HA! Laugh with leader or siberian gulag for you).


  • pings
  • provokes
  • note malicious wisp is particularly weak in this mu unless you are facing a fellow wanderer. Then it wins you the game unless they draw lance.


  • hold heal for burst combos
  • focus on dropping provokes and larger minions, horn lacks removal is comrades hold. Be wary of natural selection
  • hold hard removal for nukes like visionar and vindicator (dispel works here)


  • back up, play larger minions
  • hold dispel for the hurrdurr cleric play
  • win like bolshevik mofo.

General tips:

  • wanderer -> curve into jax + bbs

  • master razorback; do not be afraid to play him for tempo. Big late game combos are useless if you dead.

  • tigress and kron are mvps. If backlined, they outvalue any other wanderer list.

  • be wary of handsize. Deck is designed to tempo out early, as wanderer boosts generally do not relinquish a hard-won board.

  • grav well + tahr go together like glorious shoe and shoelace: One is meaningless without the other (cue Soviet National anthem).

  • if against aggro, hold your heals for one turn, as you have a better chance of throwing of their lethal calcs

  • lady lock + 2x two drop on 7 is magical.

  • cycle saberspine alpha unless a two turn lethal is in the cards.

  • avoid punching face in general.

Weak matchups:

  • creep cassyva (rare, luckily)
  • burn horn

Techs to consider:
-for backline threats: aspect of shim’zar, freeblade
-for artifacts: rokadoptera, rust crawler

  • for stuff that out-tempos you: rokadoptera, dancing blades,deathblighter
  • for hurrdurr aggro: rescue RX, woodwen
  • for the hand size-challenged: l’kian, circulus (combos well with locke), blue conjuror (too slow to maindeck imo)
  • for those who play aggressively: gtfo. Faie is a thing.

More decks to come, but too tired from Borsche food coma. Till next time, comrades.

Coming soon: Tigress tempo faie



It’s Borscht! You’re not real Stalin!

On topic. Deck picture would be nice.



Surprised that Creep Cass has the upper edge against the Mighty Wanderer… Any reason why?



removal spam + board ignoring wincon ruins minioned-based board-winning deck :frowning:



American lies. To the gulag with you.

Updated to include imgur picture.




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Sick capitalist propaganda. Siberia will seize your means of production with the force of a thousand Baba Yagas.



I see. Hundreds of war tractors are already crossing my borders.



In Soviet Russia, your means of production seize you



I should put a trademark on any locke combo XD



My trademark is already on Locke Shadowstalk though :stuck_out_tongue: But you can have the rest.



I take Locke Priestess then. A bit slow, but much funnier :slight_smile:



Edit: trademark on any locke within the vanar borders.
Mostly - walls and vespyrs XD

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Epic rap battle of history :heart:



Have you tried Firestarter? I figure it’d be quite good, but then again you don’t run too many spells, so I’m not sure.

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Starter is ok, the spell requirement threw me off.

Definitely worth re-test, however, as I barely played with it.



Yeah, your spell count is pretty low, so it’s probably too weak, but even as a 6 mana 5/7 that summons a 3/3 rush it doesn’t sound too bad.

The other thing I was thinking about, and I genuinely hope it’s bad, is Bloodsworn Gambler. 4/5 ranged with… that ability.



You should update your tech with Mirkblood Devourer ASAP and make it a proper +3/+3.



I added the deck to the wiki! Thanks :slight_smile:

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