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Soul Grimwar vs Deathfire Crescendo


If you were a noob in today’s meta and wanted to raise up in the ranks, which would you choose to craft?

  • Grimwar
  • DFC

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I would say neither or both. I’ve never really played hyper swarm and haven’t used those cards. I feel like you would kinda want both if there was room in the deck for both to exist. Since there are very easy ways to deal with both, it would allow for the flexibility for a finisher depending what you are up against. But I also said neither because playing hyper swarm or a deck that would use those cards, wouldn’t be the deck I would choose to climb with, even if I was a noob again.


Deathfire, because it has more range (insofar as range also means ability to bypass bodyblocks), and you can jank-combo it with that Fling-like card I forget the name?


I feel like DFC is superior in a sense where it does not require the General to engage up front with an enemy, which often can be risky.


I would say Grimwar has more uses than DFC.

  1. You may use it as an unexpected immediate finisher or damage dealer (same as DFC).
  2. You may preemptevely equip it to make board clears a bad idea (DFC doesn’t always have this option)

But for a noob DFC is better, since it’s safer.


Alplods right on the money. Grimwar is much more flexible.

It’s actually a really interesting point of conversation and is rather meta dependent. In AOE heavy meta Grimwar is the winner. But in Aggressive/ping heavy metas Cresendo is better.

Allthough as pointed out basically any list that wants Cresendo also wants Grimwar. But Grimwar has some fun more gimmicky decks based around it that Cresendo does not.

Deck composition also certainly effects it. Old school approach using mini Jax range and such made Cresendo a better choice, but these days we like our wraithling synergy.

So to answer the question, if your REALLY new Cresendo is easier to use, if you know what your doing and it’s more a budget issue go for Grimwar first. But generally it will be both or neither. As new age Midrange swarm with thick wraiths rather then deathwatch is also super sollid (and cheaper).

Today’s meta is unfortunately both AoE, Aggressive, and ping heavy so there is no real right answer in that regaurd.


This. If you want to play hyperswarm you need both of them. If you play a more midrange variant chakram and crown are better options and are cheaper.


Just play Chakram like a normal person.

OT: Grimwar is far superior, the only time crescendo is better is in a mirror or against some other heavily minion based deck that has no hard removal or dispel. Considering most of those play pony for wanderer now there are none that come to mind.

Grimwar can be preemptively equipped to hedge against aoe and as an artifact is difficult to interact with especially with less flash emps, bloodrage masks, and other pings around.


DFC is better for sure but Grimwar can catch your opponent off guard and completely win you the game. But as others have said, yeah, depending on your list you might run both.


Now that I think about it, I’ve seriously never played against anyone using grimwar. (I’ve made it to S rank twice so far.)

So although I absolutely love DFC, I can’t imagine how grimwar could be advantageous.


Its an insane t2 actually


nothing really scales with general atk so crescendo.
if you want the blood echoes combo though, grimwar it is. really though, that’s the only advantage.


Grimwar is more difficult to play around and unexpected, and thus better especially for lower ranks. I always get so many easy wins in Gold when I play my artifact decks (for example Grimwar + bbs p1t3, swarm stuff on t4 while keeping distance and t5 Silhouette Tracer for lethal).


Not realy
Magmar and vet laugh at crescendo
Grimwar can protect against AOE
Grimwar is generally alot harder to remove efficiently


huh, didn’t think of magmar’s removal. good point.

i don’t see the vet part though. vet can pretty much screw over artifacts with
star’s fury and dervish suite, boneswarm, etc. it doesn’t help that neutral pings are more popular now. That’s just my experience though.


Because vet has 6 different hardremoval tools that give them quite a bit of tempo
Rashes curse,stars fury and boneswarm are not common in vet these days


I would say it would depend on what you’re facing mostly. grimwar can be hard to deal with for factions like magmar, so if they’re troubling you, you could consider grimwar instead. minion removal/dispell is also a little more commonplace than a few pings from an empty board


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