Soul Grimwar should be Dispelable


Just played against a Abyssian deck that cast Soul Grimwar on Turn 2. Soul Grimwar is a cost 3 Artifact that adds Deathwatch: +2 Attack to the enemy general. Player proceeded to surround themselves with 1/1 shields. As I did not draw into the archers in my deck, I tried to rush past the 1/1 walls to attack the other player. My plan was to rush their general and then dispel the bonuses. I was able to break through the 1/1 walls and hit her twice. I cast dispel on her in order to remove the 20 something buff. Thought it would reset back to 2, she could deathwatch again but I could hit her again a few turns later with another dispel after finally breaking the artifact. It turns out the buff cannot be dispelled.

This card needs to have the effect be dispelable because otherwise it just completely shuts down certain decks that don’t typically run range characters. Either that or the cost needs to be higher because 3 is way too low for a card that says “I win” unless you are Songhai/Vetruvian with range/blast or the immunity against General spell. Flying/Airdrop is useless if the Abyssian character is surrounded by shields. All they have to do is wait 2-3 turns then rush your general and you can’t do anything about it.


Yeah, I agree. It’s more intuitive, since the buff seems like it should be tied to the general rather than the artifact. IIRC it used to be dispellable at most 2-3 months ago, but was changed for some reason since then. Whether the change was intentional or unintentional, I do not know.

EDIT: It’s not OP, however. As deekester pointed out, you should run ping effects or some sort of out of hand damage to help deal with all artifacts in general. Bloodtear alchemist, blistering skorn, they all do pretty well. Other than that, you should keep the board clear at all times against abyssian, so that they don’t get as much value from their deathwatch effects. If their board is clear, Abyssian shouldn’t be able to stack their soul grimwar much and it will pretty much be a dead card in their hand. To that purpose, skorn and all other AOE effects are particularly good.


if you have trouble with artifacts you can put 3 bloodtears in most of your decks. they help a lot when playing factions without reach


Totally is.

The card’s name is Rust Crawler :smiley:


It’s hard to keep the board clear against Abyssian if they pop it on turn 2 since anything that clears the board would proc the buff. Also someone said on Steam the buff goes away with the artifact, if that’s true then I should’ve just hit her with 1 damage stun spell, it didn’t look tied to the artifact based on the description.


Yeah, the buff goes away with the artifact. It is hard to tell without having experienced it before.

If they pop it on turn 2, that’s a different situation. At that point, your minions should be alive, so you should just trade your minions into their general and move your general away, while summoning minions defensively or replacing for some pings.

BTW, the only 1 damage stun spell I can think of is flash freeze. That only applies to minions, so it wouldn’t work on the general.


There is already an equivalent spell Deathfire Crescendo which is dispellable.
Soul Grimwar is an artifact with artifact strengths and weaknesses.

If there are no or low damage boost you can go face with general.
As mentioned try to have some ping damage. Rush also counts.
If you don’t have any ping damage try to keep your own minions on board. Then smash all artifact charges at once. Protect your general. Your opponent won’t want to waste artifact charges on a minion, especially the last one. As usual dispel any Bloodmoon Priestess.

Note that although Chromatic Cold doesn’t dispel it, it does damages once so takes one charge off.


No offense but you’re new to the game and have very little idea what you’re talking about. You’re currently at that stage of the game where you don’t know how cards work and you don’t even have a proper budget deck yourself (seeing as you run archers) so anything you encounter which you can’t deal with basically seems overpowered. It could be literally anything, hell, if you didn’t have dispels in your deck you could have made the thread just as easily: “Grimwar is OP, unless you destroy the artifact they just one shot kill you!”

Also for your own sake please don’t visit the Steam forums. Nothing good can come out of it.