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Soul Grimwar in a Magmar Deck?


Just played a ranked game of Magmar vs. Magmar, and on my opponent’s last turn they played the Soul Grimwar artifact (which I thought could only be added to an Abyssian deck). Does anybody have any idea of what happened here??

PS sorry if this is a bit of a specific topic for the forums, but I didn’t know anywhere else to post my question.


He probably got soul grimwar out of grincher.

Grincher: 5 mana 5/4 OG: Add a random artifact to your hand it cost 2 less


Sigh They played a minion called “Grincher” Which gives a random artifact. That random artifact this time around turn to be a Soul Grimwar, which is indeed an abyssian only artifact BUT you can get it off said minion. There you go, and next time, please read the cards :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah he did, I thought Grincher only added a random artifact in your deck to your hand- totally misread the card, sorry (bit of a new player so…).


No problem at all :smiley: The forums exist to help with questions like this as well.
Going to lock it now that it’s been answered though.

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