Sooo What's the difference in the higher rank cards?


Yeah I’m still trying to figure out why in the hell i would waste spirit on a purple/red card when a small blue one does everything it does… I’m guessing I am missing something, so if you can, enlighten me on why they even exist!



I mean, what is your problem exactly?


Right, what I am saying is in the crafting system their are two of the same cards. One costs more than the other and a different color but everything you SEE on both cards are the same. What i am trying to figure out is why even bother crafting the one that costs more if it doesnt have any ability?


They’re called prismatic cards, they’re shiny and fancy for people who like to collect shiny, fancy things.


I hear that but can you give me an example one what “specific” things one of these cards can do? the only interesting thing about it is the color change lol.


so their a waste unless u just got spirit to blow? ok then won’t ever be crafting them, only disenchanting =)


They’re not a waste if you like having these shiny cards, otherwise yes, they’re a waste, they don’t do anything else. I disenchant mine as well, they actually generate more Spirit than normal ones do.


I thought you where talking about epics and legendaries.

Prismatic cards are just like normal ones. Don’t craft if you have no interest. They generate more spirit, so that’s a bonus.


They aren’t pretty or interesting enough to warrant more than use as bragging rights for playing the game a shitton or just an extra source of spirit. I’ve kind of wanted an ‘auto disenchant prismatics’ setting since they released.

Pity too. I’d be spending money on crates if they were recolorations of cards instead. Er-- and if all the ugly profile pics weren’t in crates too. >.> We don’t play this game for the cosmetics.