Sooo... about Gauntlet rarity


Any plan to have regularity in rarity drops for Gauntlet?

Because yes, I do feel quite good winning with a deck that’s only got one epic, but sometimes the matchups are a bit, well.


Double khymera ouch :disappointed:


Rarities should be fixed. There’s enough RNG in the card selection, it shouldn’t also be in the card options.

And yes, I know some of the best cards are commons and rares. Not relevant.


More common than legendaries in most factions are usable removal effects attached to minions, and removal cards as a whole, unless you’re playing Songhai (in which case you still have options available to you)

If it’s really that much of an issue then keep in mind what legendaries you would like to be able to deal with when drafting and play accordingly, or draft more removal cards and decks.

Aside from that, the entire point of a draft is that you’re, you know, drafting cards, like pulling them out of a pack. The format is meant to emulate a paper card game draft format, which is why you hear people talk about “constructed” cards versus “draft” cards in the gauntlet. And besides, it is still a game. Part of the fun is seeing that legendary flash and knowing you get something cool (note cool rather than workable), as opposed to being entitled that flash and merely thinking your run is rigged because you rolled 3 bad legendaries (which is not uncommon!)


I kinda like the randomness actually. I understand it can be frustrating, but there’s the same chance of it being in reverse. Just relish in the power with a Lucky draft and relish in being the underdog with an unlucky one :slight_smile:


I’m a huge draft player in MtG (and I mean enormous), and the consistency of RNG is a fair part of a draft’s strategy. Randomness is not about luck, it’s about probabilities. And the probabilities of Duelyst’s current draft mode are through the roof - incalculable, if you will.

I think I’d like it more if we moved to something that contained an assurance of minimum rarity, like what we currently have for orbs - like a guaranteed 2 epics and 1 legendary for the whole draft.

Ofc in my perfect fantasy it would be an actual draft with orb sharing between players and strategizing upon which cards you know your opponents drafted.