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Soolved chat problem


I’m trying to communicate with my friends but the chat just doesn’t seem to be working.

Any info on this??

Your beloved soldier Gonarrg!


Did you try restarting the game for both sides? That would probably fix it.


I can’t communicate with anyone via chat inside the game. I’m so sad!!!


I can look into this tomorrow, I just assumed someone who actively played the game would help :confused:


I feel like 100+ of those views are just bots, how else would this hellhole of a forums with threads like spicalomagnia specilaozis have so many views.


Forget it guys, let’s just duel…


Ha! Add me!!!


If you can’t talk with someone it usually means one of these things.

You haven’t been added and accepted on the friends list (but I’m assuming this isn’t the problem).

Someone is on “do not disturb” which means that person can’t receive messages, but can still send them.

Someone is offline which means you can’t message that person.

Or someone has been online in the game for a few hours, which sometimes stops the chat from working, which you need to restart the game to fix.


I believe is the last option you mention. But I still wonder so much, cuz’ I haven’t been able to chat with none of the users in my friend lists since about a month.

Guess it’s fate? Who knows?!

Thanks for your reply! See you at the battleground.


@gsvalhalla This JUST HAPPENED, I was able to use the chat BUT he had to text me first.

Any insight on this?


I friended you, and it seems you were able to send me messages… but could you see mine? Since the only message I got from you was “hey” repeated over and over again, maybe you couldn’t see my messages?


DUUDE!! Then that’s what’s going on!! Yes!! I can’t seem to read mine nor yours!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! We’re coming to find what’s the problem.




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