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Soo.. Smite Tactics.. did they copy Duelyst's gameplay?


hard to give them the benefit of doubt with their release of Paladins which is a clone of Blizzards Overwatch.

im pretty sure you can’t copyright a certain gameplay, but hirezstudious seems to be lacking in creativity and originality. but they always say, imitation is the best form of flattery


Just saw the reveal trailer… they even have bloodborn spells.
Yes, looks very similar.


Great news!

More competition is always good for the consumer. Hi-Rez has a very fair pricing structure for Paladins so hopefully that will carry over to this title and maybe also results in other developers to rethink their business model.

On a side note, Paladins started development before Overwatch and they both borrowed from each other.


While competition can be a good thing, it might be a bad thing, as it could draw away potential duelysts, and the reason for a lack of an unranked mode was a lack of players.
Anyways, while it does look similar, it’s probably too early to judge. We shall see how much it draws from this game as time goes on.


I can see this being good for this community whichever way it goes.

If the game is garbage, then Duelyst can learn from where it has failed and become better as a result. If it fails, then some of its community may look to Duelyst for the game done right.

If the game is good, then we have more choice and something to fall back on if something were to happen to Duelyst.


I don’t think it’s copying from Duelyst. Maybe they borrowed some elements here and there, but who’s to say that they didn’t do a lot of testing and fiddling to create the game (presumably like Counterplay) and had similar results on what made games fun.
That said it could be good for Duelist as people who would play their other games, would find out about this from that community.


I see that people mostly think this is healthy but we I think we should be careful here, hi-rez has a kinda bad history and name so I think we should all wait for a full release before were to accepting


i’m sorry to say this but, fuck that game.

Duelyst worked hard to came up with an all new concept that is freaking amazing and they simply copy it? fuck no, i swear to god i hope Duelyst get more popular than it, Duelyst deserve much more love than they currently get.


It is the nature of progress to adopt ideas that others have come up with who came before you. Like an old English apple farmer once said: If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.


Hey guys, we appreciate the kind words, and your welcome to discuss the game, but please keep it respectful all around Hirez are cool guys as well and Im excited to see how the game turns out! :smiley:


So what I see is a mish-mash of duelyst and hearthstone that’s not too sure what it wants to be, but tries to make up for its indecision with 3D art and animations. It’s sort of understandable that it’d be similar in design style of they wanted to make use of a the same game type, an issue that finds itself present in many FPSs. However, companies that do tend to have a similar theme/gameplay that makes them standout whether it’s over-the-top gore or outstanding gunplay. Though I can’t say too much since its alpha isn’t even out yet, all I can really see going for it is it’s adventure/single player mode (something that i hope that duelyst picks up on soon). All in all, I’m very excited to see the effect that this’ll have on the game and whether or not duelyst will undergo any major changes!:grin:


What is there to copy? Both card games and tactics games have existed before. Hell, it can be argued that combinations of the two have existed as well.


Yeah the tactical stuff goes back to at least chess. I guess Chainmail would be the earliest modern fantasy war game. Then CCGs go back to Magic. So duelyst really doesn’t do anything new, but it does things well. (10 minute games, being online, neat pixel art).


Competition is ALWAYS a good thing. Even if it drives players towards it and they stay, then it is a better game. The better game will always keep the players. The only short-term negative impact would be longer queue times, but to be honest, that only happens at high levels (Diamond and S) typically.

Counterplay’s reasoning for an unranked mode has been lack of players (which I don’t know how valid that is anymore) and newbies getting stomped by veterans (not a valid reason). Shadowverse has an unranked mode. Chronicle Runescape Legends has an unranked mode. I mean… c’mon.


To everybody who posted here: competition is a good thing - stealing other people’s ideas is an actual crime.

That said, it is waaaaaay to early to say how similar Smite tactics will be to Duelyst. Judging by their previous games, I can say that Hi-Rez are pretty good at giving a new spin to other people’s ideas. All of their games were iterative, but actually added a lot to the original formula, bringing new interesting mechanics into the mix.

I am hoping it will be the same with Smite Tactics and we will see a cool variation of Duelyst, and just CCGs in general.


I took a look at the trailers and I can see what I assume are several key differences from Duelyst:

  • More focus on Hero/general/commander/god combat

I do not play smite, but from what I have gathered, a large part of its appeal is the mythological themes in it. Who doesn’t want to see Zeus get evicerated by Anubis since, let’s be honest, Zeus is the paragon of jerks in Greek mythology. Since the game treats these deities as generals, it can be assumed that general-to-general combat will play a huge role. Each deity would probally have very specialized playstyles, with some overlap, in order to accomadate the whole roster or, at least, a satisfying amount.

  • Implications of 3D Models

This greatly suprises me. Duelyst is allowed to have so many unique units due to the fact that it uses a very simplistic pixel art design for individual cards. Compared to other card games with individual creature models, Duelyst’s animations are both numerous and varied. For example, Scrolls, another game with individual creature models, used gorgeous hand drawn units. However, this results in several similar looking units (a hilarious example is sister of the fox and life stealer) and not a lot of them in general. I feel that fully animated 3D models for each individual creature will severely limite creature types and probably lead to everything being reskins of the same few units. I just can’t see this game trying to compete with Duelyst in terms of minion diversity. However, from what is shown so far, most of the effort will probably go towards deities models, which I expect to be Varied.

  • Nitpicks about the art

Opinion time: So far, this game looks pretty okay in terms of art. However, it feels quite generic when compared to something like Duelyst, Faeria, or even Hearthstone. All of these games go for a unique art style, magical-cyberpunk, storybook, and cartoon-esque respectively. Smite, on the other hand, looks like a down scaled version of the MOBA. This makes it look a bit plain in my eyes. It’s almost as it is trying too hard to look as good as a full fledged MOBA but failing. I prefer the more focused and, arguably, more timeless artstyle of Duelyst.

  • Conclusion

I predict that all of this will lead to a more general focused game, with more emphasis on equipment, tile effects, and spells over minion combat. Look at the player’s hand in the picture; they have a sword, a book, and a wimpy bloke. Due to the fact that Smite Tactics is based around Smite, I feel that decks will be built around generals instead of generals being just a synergistic part of a deck. This will probably lead to a vastly different game from the minion-oriented Duelyst. Again, this is just speculation from extremely limited information.

TLDR: Smite Tactics uses 3D models, limiting the number of minions they can conceivable make. As such, the game play will most likely be more focused on General-to-General combat, destinguishing the game from Duelyst.


even one of the maps looks like a better version of a duelyst map.


hmm, true. i was just mad, i guess i blurted out things i shouldn’t say.

human civilization are based upon copying others. i’ll be damned.


Typical Lo-Rez.

Jumping on what’s popular train with barely doing any innovation (mobas, hero shooters and now CCGs), while they let the actual good unique games like Tribes Ascend die. That was years ago and I’m still pissed. Man, screw them.

You fucking got that right.

That being said, I doubt they’re straight up copying the game. Duelyst itself is hardly the first game of it’s kind. But their intentions are more than obvious.


This thread has nothing to do with Duelyst. I’m not sure why it belongs on a Duelyst forum.

Beyond that, I see very little good that can come of this thread being had here.