Soo.. any good Spellhaidecks to build onto nowadays after Shimzar?


Soo… any good Spellhai decks to build onto nowadays after Shimzar?


Just build the exact same thing but replace 3 cards with mirror meld, so instead of ending up with a single chakri, you end up with 2 :smiley:


as far as i’ve seen the old spellhai decks are just as effective as before


i don’t feel like shimzar did anything new to spellhai. not really surprising considering shimzar was a pretty minion-heavy expansion.

i’ve been running battle pando with kaleos with good results, but then again its just an all-around really good card. better than ghost lightning imo because it doesn’t mess up my heaven’s eclipse.


Sorta what I play -
I just prefer the potential lucky draw of L’Kian, Heaven’s Eclipse is usually better. Mirror Meld is good, just haven’t felt the need for it yet. Bloodrage = Crescent Spear, and outright not running artifact is also possible. Shiro has its uses, but if you went with Mirror Melds, the right 2 drop is Tusk Boar. XHo can be cut for actual spells, notably +1 Sabrespine Seal and Killing Edge if you went with Meld, but at that point 3 Jammers is mandatory or you’ll end up dry.


Thanks for all the replies, combined with the replies on Reddit ive tried a few matches with this and it kinda was alot of fun so probably will keep playing it :smiley: