Songhai still strong...feels good man


I played Songhai consistently for the first time this season and I have to say I’m glad they didn’t get as much from the expansion, compared to magmar. They didn’t need it.

I’m looking for some list suggestions for Reva decks with updates from the blood born set, in order to continue to help my spellhai Reva evolve. The only card I added, so far, from blood born was the four mana deal three to creature and player. Which has tested well.


What deck are you running? Spell Reva is still very strong, but I find it hard to play, 100% due to my lacking skills.


I play this one from time to time, fast and efficient, can outburn Variax/Decimus with not much efforts.
Sometime I tweak it and remove 1 or 2 Alkyone for NightWatcher and/or Decimus.


I’m surprised it works so well against Starhorn, given the high curve. What’s your strategy with this?


Bomb his face off so he can’t bomb his own face off trying to bomb your face off… make sense?


What comes to my mind, in no particular order :

  • if I have NightWatcher in deck : search for it through replace asap, don’t hesitate to cast it when opponent reaches 4 mana (Elucidator) or 6 (Makantor fakeJesus :slight_smile:)
  • use Xho/Fox as sacrifice walls, generate spells
  • try to steal maybe 1 or 2 mana tiles on couple first turns, after that, back out and kite (and use Cyclone Mask)
  • equip Bloodrage Mask asap (anecdote : got one match where I equipped 2xBR Mask on P1T1 and guy insta-conceded, funny) … and abuse it (even ugly things like double IF on fresh cast Heartseeker, it’s still 4 damage and a ranged that moved away and your opponent will have to deal with it because he fears a KE on it later)
  • keep you OBS for the “must” from the faction you are fighting (Aymara, Kelaino, Meltdown)
  • cast Geomancer asap, use body as shield
  • optimize your damage, it’s always nicer to have a Spear on or an Alkyone out … more you damage Magmar, the more he will be reluctant to damage himself (Elucidator, Tecto Spikes)
  • all those cards Starhorn is gonna make you draw … play them, even if it’s a simple direct PF, better put it to his face that have it discarded because overdraw :wink:
  • when you reached 6 mana, start searching (and keep) Spiral
  • don’t be demoralized if he cast EarthSphere, think he just wasted 4 mana, and didn’t take care of your board, you can come back from that … if you have a simple board, let’s say 4WM, Crescent and Mask equipped (it’s not an unusual situation), for 4 mana (2PF) you will deal 12 damage and gain 2 HP
  • don’t stress too much on your HP, it’s a race, you’ll get hurt, but you will hurt back, harder, especially when your BBS is PF

Here are my tips.
Of course it’s not instawin, but play aggressively (faaaace), cowardly (run away and Cyclone), and with some minions you have, opponent will have to deal with them (NightWatcher/4WM/Alkyone) … you may keep him busy enough to kill him.


Honestly, this is one of the strangest Songhai decks I’ve ever seen. Looks good though.


That’s my style !
Strange … half-efficient, but always funny to play decks :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, for “serious business”, I have this one :

… but honestly, it’s far from being fun : staples, usual gameplay, 99% meta, boring as shit.


Mine’s just bad. Not a little unique, missing a lot of draw because I’m a spirit peasant.

Fun though


Oh, and while I’m at it in this thread, I also play this one, but nothing fabulous

Anyway, I prefer Kaleos :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, that looks fun. Zendo to make the enemy smash themselves into your Hamon, right?


Don’t underestimate cheap draw like Sojorner.
And with a KE on it, it almost looks like a decent minion :stuck_out_tongue:
If you get OBS, there is also Twin Strikes for draw.
Or cheap Xho for discount spell.

Yes Sir. That or direct hit to Zendo (4) hoping to hit again on your turn (4 more) or better … put a KE on Zendo and move closer.


Alright, thanks for the advice. Any other suggestions?


Not from me, I’m just an average player, and there are a lot more talented ans wise people out there :wink:


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