Songhai for Songhais


This is my recent Songhai deck, which unlike what I thought is a great success. Still testing it though.
This deck completely destroyed games.
But still in my opinion lacking the oumph nevertheless fun as fun could be.


Can’t deny the title is fitting. It’s basically just a standard songhai deck. I guess people new to the game who never played the faction will find it useful.


Yep:) decided to try the more casual approach.


Fair enough. I just fail to see the point of the thread.


It also doesn’t use any of the RotB cards so it seems a bit, I dunno, out of date?


Most RotB cards don’t make it into Songhai decks, which seems to make the thread title apt, as Songhai players are aware of that.


Sad bad-songhai-player is sad.
I don’t care, I’m having a ton of fun with my “BMB” (Burn-Motherfucker-Burn) deck, full of memey RotB cards :fire: :fire: :fire:

Stuck mid-diamond ok, but incinerating card-vomiting-fat-lizards and waifu-trying-to-ramp-to-Variax is delightful.

Oh, and also Kaleostab is pure joy. :fireworks:


I dont see the point in having two or even one heavens eclipse in this deck, this is ny personal opinion of course. But when i play heavens eclipse i wanna draw atleast 2 pheonix fires or a spiral tech. Seeing that you only have 2 phoenix fires in the deck this will be unlikely. Most of the useful pells will be used before the turn you get the freedom to play eclipse such as phoenix fire, onyx bear and killing edge maybe.


I use several Songhai decks, backstabi thingy, Rotb, and combined.
I put this here because this deck actually went places, I lost 1, won about 11 games in a raw lost 2 and won another 7.
The h.e are for mobility spells at mid game for buffing chakri and creating a finisher out of the board + onix jaguar.
The reason I use h.e is because it draws spells only which makes it easy for me to lunch a super buffed minion for lethal.

I used ubsec. Blow instead of p.f in my of my decks - works wonderful as well.


When it works the way it should


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