Songhai Flame Wrath deck (in progress)


I enjoy this deck so far, but still not perfect.
Some cards in this deck just filler for cards i don’t have yet.

Perhaps you guys can recommend what i need/don’t.

Current Deck

Currently it’s like this :

These are my target, card that i won’t use, and cards i want to replace.

I won't use
  • Twin Strike (It has draw mechanic, but really conditional)
  • Artifacts
  • Battle Pets (ugh, no)
  • Ranged (It doesn’t fit)
  • Other spell that can’t sinergy well with my minions
I want to replace
  • Cobra Strike
  • Sunsteel Defender
  • Dancing Blades or Thunderhorn
  • Painter (Until i have OBS)
    beside cards above, i still want them in the deck
  • 1 more Hamon (why? cheap, risky, and i like it)
  • OBS (because this deck need permanent removal, Painter just too slow)
  • Whiplash
  • EMP (I think i need some big end game minion, just in case)
Final deck

Or you can try it first and tell me what’s lack in this deck.
Thank you. :smile:


Well, anyone is free to have fun in their own ways, but I have to admit the deck is objectively terrible.

I know this itch, when you want to try and fit everything interesting in the same deck, and I do also have it. But.

You shouldn’t have so many 2-ofs! That means you basically don’t know what you will get each game!

Speaking about your target deck: don’t use whiplash - it’s bad. It could be bearable with cryptographer, but without him whiplash is just garbage.

What are you going to play? When are you going to win with this deck?


I agree with the comment above in that you have too many two of’s.

I am not the best at playing Songhai or making great decks with the faction so my comment might not be worth much, but your deck, if I had to give one piece of advice, needs a clear focus on what it wants to do.

Looking at your final deck specifically, it seems like you want to play a mid-range Kaleos deck which is super-cool and you definitely have a good skeleton to start with. Almost all Songhai decks, to some degree, rely on combos to win or survive such as killing edge and Katara or Flamewreath and blink and as such you need to limit the cards in your deck so you are more likely to draw your combo pieces.

In your deck however, none of the cards seem to have any intractability with each other for example, why put in gotetsu if you don’t also have a battle pando or if you are not playing a firestorm mantra/spellhai deck? Also if you are not trying to make a spellhai deck then why have so many spells when the focus of mid-range Kaleos is to generate tempo by always having a minion on the board?

The only other problem I see is certain out-of-place minions in this deck (won’t name names) and I also think since this deck needs minions on the board you should definitely keep painter instead of onyx bear seal especially because of how good it is in wiping your opponent’s field.

I don’t really want to offer specific suggestions on how to change your deck because there is no point in me doing that if you still don’t understand how they work so I just wanted to explain what it seems like you want to do, but again I suck hard at this game so take my advice with a grain of salt.


-2 cobra strike (generally mediocre card and removing to streamline deck consistency)
-2 lantern fox (sufficient card draw and removing to streamline deck consistency)
-2 healing mystic (not enough healing targets)

+2 Kaido (fine starter that adds to good killing edge targets)
Extra suggestion:
+1 to each: sunsteel, thunderhorn, dancing blades (consistency while still allows various solutions for various situations, advantage, vs swarm, tempo)


bruh, that statement at the start kinda hurts a little (even though im not the victim) but yea @reignzu i completely agree with @alplod 's reason for why the deck needs work. Good job trying though. (this is how ur meant to say it, since we’re in a non-hostile environment-community xD)

Dw i also tried to make a control creep deck and posted it on forum along with my healyonar but i got roasted hard for that.

Remember to keep trying and changing around cards if you want yours to be original! good luck with rank fam :smile:


And I do also have some terrible decks I consider fun. They’re still terrible though)


I don’t understand what you want to achieve with this post. Are you trying the make the deck competitive, or polish it a bit while still keeping it a fun deck. If you want to turn this into a competitive deck, then why have the blurb at the beginning giving an extremely limited list of cards you are actually willing to change?

Competitively, the current deck and the final deck falls short. The way I see it, you should either throw caution to the wind and make a deck with all the cards you like, or give in to the meta and create a competitive deck. Right now, you seem to be asking advice on turning your deck into a competitive one while still not willing to give up the cards you like.

Onto the deck list:
This list seems remarkably unfocused, with more 2-ofs than 3-ofs. You seems to have a solid mid and early game, but the lategame threats are unfocused. Do you plan to win with Zendo + high attack minion? What’s the point of having so many 2-ofs? What turn do you plan to switch from playing for the board to hitting face?

My suggestions:

  1. decide wether you want this to be a highly competitive deck, or a fun deck with cards you like. If you want to shift this towards a meta deck, here are my recommended changes:

  2. Highly recommended changes: (this is in reference to the final deck)
    -2 whiplash
    +2 (other 3 drops that you already have)
    -2 mystic
    +1 scroll Bandit
    +1 juxtaposition (This card is amazing. Always play as many as you can)

  3. More moderately recommended changes: (in reference to the final deck)
    -2 dancing blades
    -2 hundred hands
    +1 Zendo
    +1 Hamon Bladeseeker
    +1 flamewreath
    +1 other lategame card (spiral technique, painter, calligrapher, EMP, etc.)
    Maybe throw inner focus in there somewhere

  4. If you want to keep this as a fun deck, then try to up the consistency by taking out some of the 2 copy cards and add 3 copies of others. The final list looks pretty decent, abut a bit inconsistent with all the 2-ofs.

I’m also guilty of playing horrible decks just because I like them. I’ve been playing Big Abyssian and Vespyr Vanar since beta, no matter how much they suck. Decks don’t have to be good, but just acknowledge when a deck is trying to be fun or competitive.

Finally, if any of us sound harsh, just wait until you meet Raqyee… (rest his soul)


“Déjà vu” ? :wink:


This was my “budget” control Zendo. It got to gold with relative ease last season but stormmetal for naga or bone reaper. everyone disagrees with the stormmetal, but budget.

Flamewrath simply is not a 4 drop. he’s a 5 drop. as you will need one more mana to move it for immediate value.


Oh alot of replies. Thank you.

Alot of people like “what the f is this terrible deck”… lol, i know. :rofl:By the way :

I want to know what you said, why this card is bad in this deck, why i shouldn’t use this. Altough i found it’s fun.
A little bit detail why i dont need this/that card would help, so u know what i did wrong.

Example :


I appreciate @phoenixtoasches and @seraphicreaper answer.

It’s ok. :grin:
it’s better rather than my thread’s ignored.

May i know the reason why use Sinister+woodwen?


Control meta. Cannot be attacked provoked sinister silhouette is annoying. It has to be removed thus less removal for hamon or Zendo. Lament for every lilithe who uses DT/Punish or a Sajj using a BOA to clear your sinister silhouette.

Sinister is also a super annoying body block and woodwen can provoke anything so a provoked EMP or Hamon can be very dangerous (same with stormmetal, but we don’t talk about that).

Lastly: provoked sinister silhouette (again left unanswered as with most minions in duelyst) gives you positional advantage. If your opponent can’t remove the silhouette then you can probably develop something like thunderhorn or hamon safely and move it with or without BBS safely next turn (y’know because provoked silhouette).

All in all its a nifty control combo that guarantees your opponent has to play something to remove it or you can spiral technique out of control (over stormmetal? Is it even still quotation marks: “budget” at that point?)


Hmm, interesting.
Woodwen sounds fun.

But Sinister has 2 hp. Cant be attacked doesnt mean cant be destroyed.
Alot of cheap spell can do 2 dmg, and minions i.e. Maw also can answer that.


yes that is the point. a chromatic cold on sinister silhouette is one less when Zendo comes out. a ping punish on a sinister silhouette is on less punish when you try and hard stick Hamon. you want sinister silhouette to take the cheap removal.

Edit: Also there are minons that can but maw is much less common than like dancing blades naga or lavaslasher, but those are biggies and were probably gonna wreck whatever you had going anyway :sweat_smile:


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