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Songhai Deck Help July 2018


Sadly, I actually dusted 2 of them when Mythron came out. I’m kicking myself pretty hard for that…
and yes… lol fairy dust doesn’t come easy… getting good and cheap is a unicorn… so thanks. Just didn’t want to give off the vibe that I wasn’t willing to grind for the cards needed for decks that require that extra something.


I’ve messed around a bit with some of the suggestions… and there’s some fun interactions but no real oomf for a wincon… at least with what I currently have. Until I get to that point I’ve been having a LOT of success with Wanderer Reva… which is possibly degenerate… though I’m not 100% clear on the requirements for that designation.


Here are the requirements, in order from most degenerate to least:

  • Be an Abyssian deck
  • Be a burn Faie deck
  • Be a Firestorm Mantra deck


Also, here is a fun Movehai deck I made:

(Sorry for no fancy deck picture, not sure what the best website is for those and I’m lazy)


Your deck:

The site is

You go to bagoum.com/deckbuilder and copy your deck code into the corresponding form (which says “deck import”) and voila. You should really try it, it takes 5 seconds to do it…if you’re not on mobile.


Thanks… I couldn’t get it to show up for anything…


Btw, I played Wanderer Arcanyst Shidai and had a positive wr in gold in the middle of a prev season. I really think that any Wanderer deck with okayish curve can get you to at least Diamond. You can basically put anything there, it will work. That’s how degenerate it is.

Not going to post a decklist, it isn’t worth anyone’s time.



Thank you!



I played a variation with the closest I can make to this at the moment. Talk about a close match…

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