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Songhai Deck Help July 2018


Looking for help with a Songhai deck. The community didn’t let me down on the Eggmar help and I’m hopeful you can steer me in the right direction this go round too.
I’m only sitting on ~1600 spirit at the moment
For Epics I have

3x Juxt 2xHorned Mask, 3x Bamboozle, 1xCyclone Mask, 2x Lantern Fox, 3x Onyx Bear Seal, 2x Bakezori, 2x Cobra Strike, 3x Kindling, 1x Spiral Technique.
3x Dreamgazer, 3x Bloodbound M, 3x Bloodsworn G, 3x Thunderhorn, 3x Chirpuka, 1x Lux Ignis

For legendaries I have

1 Crescent Spear, 2 Mask of Shadows, 2 Massacre Artist, Sister, and 3 Calligraphers.
2xGolem V, 1x Lady Locke, 1x Orbo, 3x Sarlac, 1x Locust, 3x SS L’Kian, 3x Trinity W, 3x Jax, 2x Ruby R, 1x Dark Nem, 1x Mnemovore, 1x Zurael

I didn’t put a list because the 2 lists I had are old…very old… and they have no real direction or guidance. I tend to like aggro but control is appealing… past that, some of the other concepts for Songhai decks might be new to me. I’m a big fan of huge burst damage but tempo is good too…
Please and thank you!


I think your collection sounds best suites for midrange kaleos. Other options im thinking of are aggro reva, maybe mantra.
Gimme a bit to fish up some lists.

June power rankings are still the best source due to relevance and reliability in verification. With a collection like that id consider aggro reva first, midrange kaleos second, and mantra last. Mantra is super fun but youd need 8g8s and mantra, mid kal feels underwhelming rn imo, and you need zendo and a few other cards. Aggro reva is probably the least expensive on the list, but youd need 3 tusk boars


Thank you for showing interest in the Songhai faction. I have some decks or archetypes to suggest, but many of them will not include much burst. In addition, they require a good amount of meta knowledge and thinking to be successful.

For a midrange deck, there are many variants that I will not post a decklist. The basics of this archetype is a solid curve filled with good minions, the only spells usually slotted in are Juxaposition and Mist Dragon Seal. You should be able to build a good deck for this although cards like Battle Pando would be very helpful, just remember this archetype takes some skill to play. If you want to look more into this archetype, just ask.

A mantra deck would be closest to what you might be seeking in terms of burst, but I have little to no knowledge of this archetype nor have I played it. I am sure jay can be of better help here.

A burn deck is second best in burst and is considered a control deck by some players. You might not be able to play this however as you are missing some legendaries for it. I personally play this:

This is not the most optimal deck, though I am not sure what would be, but it works well for me. Spear for some people is not necessary as well as tenketsu. Some prefer to slot in Bloodbound mentor instead and some would prefer to ditch the healing options for more aggro cards like Flameblood Warlock. You can tinker around with what you have to get a feel for what works.

The next deck is Aggro Reva which is actually considered tier one in the current meta, my list is just a copy paste of one by alphacentury I think:

The deck is fairly inexpensive compared to other options and is also very strong.

The last two decks are Arcanyst and Artifact. I will post my personal lists and let someone else explain the archetypes to you if you need help.




Wheres the M-m-m-mantra!?


Mantra is for degenerate bois… Although Artifact is as well.


Why do u say this.
I never call anything degenerate unless it is truly a disgusting freelo win.
Bant company in mtg. *shudders.


There is slightly less solitare with artifact.


I dont care if something is interactive or un interactive when im playing against it.

All I care about is it is not basically god.

In mtg, not so long ago there was a meta where in standard, which is where all cards in the last few sets are legal, there was a deck called bant company. I am not shitting you, this deck was literally 75% of every single godamn tournament, and 80% of the time a tournament was won with bant company.



To me degenerate is based on player interaction not power level. E.G Dragon Rulers may have been one of the strongest decks YGO has ever seen but it was very interactive but I think that a Rogue deck like Nurse Burn is degenerate as it’s uninteractive.

I generally tend to find decks that feel like they’re playing a different gane not fun to play against.


Presenting your epics and legendaries in a bagoum.com list would have assisted in ease of reading.

I had some fun aggro decks but they’ve gotten hit with nerfs to where I find them unplayable. I personally find the current status of the game to favor control/slower decks much more than aggro (especially if we consider including the existence of a hyper-aggro category).

I’ll get back to this and post something.


So like most T0 decks in YGO but to a slightly larger scale. Neat.


I was going after the general least. Not rare to see it run by every single player except for maybe like a couple of dudes sitting in the corner


During Zoo format almost every deck that top 64ed the North American nationals where running Zoodiacs in some way and there where a lot of others that didn’t top.


I tried to get a starting point going for you based on your list of what you already own. This can definitely be vamped up and/or better focused, but it’s a starting point. I tried to keep the spirit cost low.

-Crypto is a great 1st turn card for reva, can almost never go wrong with this (extra so since cassyva isn’t big right now)
-primus fist and ethereal blades for burst or keeping tempo
-mind cage and lantern fox for card draw
-PF for reach
-thunderhorn + AP for swarm
-Redsteel minos, i personally love this card as I think it works so well with BBS resets and reva. always poses a threat worth more than you invest. optional
-lightbender and OBS for removal/dispel

I haven’t played this deck, but have done many similar. try to find what you’re using and what you’re replacing to fine tune.


Here’s the bagoum lists of my collections for those who were asking… Everyone who has chimed in thanks! I’ve got to look all of this over.



By all means, if there’s stuff that is a “must have” for Songhai and I don’t have it or the spirit at the moment… just tell me “you need xxx” and I’ll craft it within the week most likely. I have just been neglecting Songhai so my collection is what I’ve cobbled together… I’m not attached to any of it… unless it’s in another deck that is currently healthy.


I like the concepts I’m seeing here. If you were just to upgrade this with no restrictions on card pool where do you think you would go?


This is the list I am running now. It’s fairly standard and consistent. As for Kaido Assassin, I only run it because it’s fantastically fun, so you can always replace it for Jade Monk or Battle Pando.


Some stupid stuff by me. Not meta, but pretty cheap, you have everything except scroll bandit for the list:

Playable. You may check. The main problem is the lack of AoE.


I think the original tone of the help request came out wrong… I’m not looking for cheap… I’m looking for good. I will look at your list though


Being cheap is still pretty nice bonus.

Scroll Bandit is a very good card, btw, and is used in most minion based Hai lists. May be worth crafting.