Songhai deck bro


What alplod said. Maybe tech in a spiral but mantra does this deck better. The purpose of this deck is to VOMIT.


The goal presumably being to deck yourself out before your opponent can kill you, then dump your remaining hand and spend the rest of the match spamming the laugh emote.


bro :sirpenti::sirpenti::sirpenti::sirpenti:


Kaleos.Deck :thonk:


That an interesting golem subtheme there.


Interesting, yes, but it has no purpose to the deck itself. Makes it slow if anything.

But forget about that, Battle Pando is rotating! WHHHYYYYYY!!!


here is what i finally settled on
less golem more good things lol
working p well on my climb so far, admittedly just made it to diamond :stuck_out_tongue:
will be playing it to s tho might reply here when i do


Feels like you would be better off playing a gotatsu rather than that heaven’s eclipse.


He’s trying to tutor movement spells.


Songhai has so many spells, you have better chance of getting one by drawing it from your own deck, even if you only have one left.

Surprisingly though, the decklist actually works for him.




I dunno why, but for some reason I thought that Heaven’s Eclipse gave you three discounted spell cards from the entire factions pool of spell cards, not from your deck.


You probably thought of Twilight Reiku, which gives 3 discounted random faction minions.


Isn’t it Twilight Reiki?


i ended up going like 20-11 with this deck on my climb to S this season, kinda tilted at the end and went 1-5 before switching to titan to finish it off. overall solid deck. played better it could definitely have a better W/R

EDIT: also switched metallurgist to mystic for what it’s worth


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