Songhai deck bro


Continuing the discussion from EurasianJay's Songhai decklists for February 2018:


It’s Songhai deck bro with that Phoenix fire flow, 3 damage to face, never done before, passed all the competition yeah thunderbomb is next, and we twin strike all your Jax, got that brand new penumbraxx

You know it’s Zendo cuz your general is stupid, yes he will win and no he’s not from shimzar, core set is his City and without the grandmaster then Songhai would be shitty

Should I continue


Who summoned me DansGame



I have this feeling that this guy is someone’s alt,

Not sure who, his sentences are too incomplete to show a definite style of posts


This post made me contemplate the universe. it’s a post, that exists solely to continue a discussion from another post. What is this uncanny paradox? Does its occurrence alone defy the relevance of the original post? Does it render itself as a more superior form of its predecessor? Its fundamental upbringing is entirely unnecessary in a logical sense, and yet I am captivated by its arrogantly enigmatic nature…


Right? I’m getting the same vibe, especially because his profile says he is a 14 year old kid, no 14 year old kid would say that on the internet because then everyone f’s with them.

galaxydueler and @epicflygon, can you confirm?


you’d be surprised


Nah, he talks like his age, we just have very high standards.


Hate to say it but it’s not me, and I heavily doubt it’s flygon


No, I mean the telling everyone that you are 14 year old on the internet.


Nah, I try to not cheat in my own tournaments. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, that is standard.


yeah but do u bros have any songhai decks


I use a Songhai deck but I can’t find the one I made


There’s only one guy who tries to stay on topic. :joy:


Hold on, what if this guy is Rayqee

Think about it…

All his salt made him go insane and this is how he talks now


You are being suspicious, muh boi…

Here is a songhai deck I call VOMIT:


Hey @ThanatosNoa

Do you know anything about this guy?


Maybe it is Thanatos? :sweat:


…Does this work?


No way. It has no wincon.