Songhai Control (first time to Diamond)


Hey all. I just got to diamond for the first time (ever) this morning and thought I’d post my list. I finally forced myself to stop playing Kara and ladder using only Songhai (my favorite faction…that I’m still lacking staple cards for). Anyway, I decided to try a more reactive list for a change and had a lot of fun with it. Is it anything you haven’t seen before? No. This is just more of a celebratory post than anything else.

The list:

I do love the AOE combos in the deck, however. Frostbone Naga, Beastmaster, and even Gnasher (the latter two only are good when paired with Inner Focus) are super fun to play. (I almost entitled this deck Makantor Songhai.) Nobody in Gold seems to play around Makantor when facing Reva. As far as discussion, what have you guys experienced regarding Beastmaster and Gnasher? Other versions of this deck had Sword of Mechazor too, but I’ve been cycling back and forth. Only having 3 Inner Focus limits the number of combos you can do. I usually average about 1 AOE combo per game. And I replace the rest, so I don’t want a ton in the deck.

I play the deck solely for board control and only go face when it’s a free Heartseeker hit or when I have a pretty significant board lead. I open with Ki Beholders and Nagas in the early game, then get my foxes going once I have room in hand. I look for ways to make them reach for Heartseeker after Heartseeker which drains their removal/dispel. Also stretches them out so an AOE combo gets extra bang. The deck also has a surprising ability to deal with big threats. I just finished a game (3 games before achieving Diamond) where I managed to survive 2 Krons, 3 Aymaras, and a Nimbus. We both had 1 Health left on the final turn.

As far as suggestions, I’m definitely open to them. As mentioned, I don’t have a lot of spirit at the moment since I’m a relatively new player. Pulled all the legendaries in the deck in orbs. As for staple cards like Killing Edge…I used to run 3 of them. Tried taking them out at one point and my win rate spiked. Still trying to figure out why that was or if I just started playing better. Also, many of the 1x cards in the deck are cards I’m rotating through for testing (Chakkram, Sunsteel Defender, Spelljammer, etc.). Anyway, that’s all I got.


Great write up and progress with the deck! Nice to see the control songhai boundary being pushed.

The only factors about the deck which i think could do with tweaking is its consistency - theres a lot of two and one ofs in the list - two ofs are fine but I think you need to try and pin down the core of the decks success. That way you can increase the number of more relavent cards by excluding oddities.

Beyond this there are a few concepts ive come across through testing control songhai which you may be interested to try yourself:

Black widow - this replace mechanic works well at controlling the board and allows strong control cards like Kron to be played. Also synergises with deathstrike seal.

Blistering scorn, fox and battle panddo - these synergise well; blistering scorn triggers both of the others and again battle panddo has deathstrike synergy.


Thanks for the feedback. White Widow would be a great addition. I haven’t pulled any in packs yet, but I might craft a couple to try out. I have 1 Skorn. I tried it for a bit, but I found that too often I had a Heartseeker or two out and so was hesitating on playing it. But I’ll give it a second look. I don’t have any Battle Pandos yet either. They are definitely on my short list to craft. Don’t have any Krons yet either.

Still actively testing the deck. As I mentioned the 1x cards are cards I’m trying out. If I like a card, I put a 2nd one in and play a bit. If I still like them, I put a 3rd in (assuming I have 3x).