Songhai budget deck (kind of)


Hi everyone! Just wanted to share my deck and also I wanted to see how much room for improvement there is:

The deck is kind of crazy because there isn’t a single Songhai minion.

The idea is having bulky minions and buff them with killing edge. It is actually fun watching how in turn 6 or 7 I summon Bloodletter. Then, the next turn I use killing Edge and Mist Dragon Seal for an obscene amount of damage.

Also many people tends to ignore Wings of Paradise so it is also an easy killing edge user for me.

Things that I suffer the most with this deck is card draw, sadly I have no spelljammer.

I don’t know what do you guys think of? The deck is actually influenced by Mogwai’s budget decks.

Any suggestions on how to improve?


Cool, always fun to use something unexpected that you don’t see often :slight_smile:
Have fun with it :slight_smile:


have you tried using sojournor instead of the mogwai?


I played against a Songhai using Bloodletter once. It was far late into the game and he had a bloodletter in the corner. He used Jux and 2 Killing Edges for what I am pretty sure is 24 Dmg. Mist Dragon Seal would make it literally a 1HitKO.

You can also pull off a simlar combo with Grandmaster Zendo. I know he isn’t budget, but on the off chance you have one you should definitely give it a shot! Even if you can’t get him to attack a Bloodletter any Killing Edged minion is great burst.

I second @thechoxenone’s idea of switching Sojourner for Mogwai. Mogwai might be okay with Kaleos if he drew cards after being repositioned but he does not. Onyx Jaguar’s effect is upon any movement so it does, but Mogwai’s is only when the unit Standard Moves.

Also, I would try out Primus Fist. I am not sure how aggressive your deck is but usually Songhai benefits from burst rather than healing. Your deck is pretty unique though, I love it.


Already did, it is better actually C:


Yeah! Grandmaster Zendo sounds great, but I have none T^T
Also I agree with changing healing mystic for primus fist.


By the way, I’m not sure what is better: Ephimeral Shroud or Repulsor Beast. Like, shroud is good in general, but some decks prefers to use repulsor. Why? o.o


I think generally the more aggressive decks would like Repulsor over Shroud. If the game is going to end in the next 2 maybe 3 turns then Repulsor is pretty much a dispel and a removal combined. If the minion has time to run back into the battle then paying 1 extra mana for just stalling your opponent isn’t worth it.

It also has a little bit of combo potential with targeted AoE effects like Blast Artifacts, Grasp of Agony, Holy Immolation, Fae BBS, etc… Even so, unless you are playing extremely aggressively shroud is a better choice most of the time. Also can help protect ranged units if you choose to run them.


Sounds great! Thank you! n-n


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