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Songhai Backstab viable?

Anyone tried it with the new cards? Does it work well in top ranks?

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or maybe this, if you like original decks. Kinda backstab


The thing is about backstab, infeltrate or other heavy positional decks - they are always vaible if you can master them well and have the expirience.


It’s really about getting the cards.

Unfortunately the same hard counter to Backstab still exists…namely wallhugging. For a lot of decks that don’t need to contest the board there isn’t much you can do as a Backstabber. Basically they just sit and develop threats until they’re ready while you can’t do much with low stat Backstab minions. Unfortunately, besides Zendo there isn’t much in the way of punishment for this tactic.

But this tatic weakness is exacly going face. Althoug decks like that are a plague, they just anti-game waiting for the combo… really unfun if those decks become the most competitive force in the game. But Kaleos is one with more resources to deal with it since it gots good blast damage.




I personally would steer you away from backstab. It’s very hard to play well, and even if you’re playing it as well as possible there are much stronger decks.

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